Who can apply?

Apply for a residency by submitting your application and attachments through the Online Grant ServiceThe service is open during the annual application period in March. Applications cannot be submitted after the deadline.


The residency places are intended for individual professional artists, fiction writers, poets and novelists, translators, composers, sound artists, curators and critics and artistic collectives (i.e., a workgroup or established organisation with a Business ID) of all disciplines and all nationalities for the purpose of carrying out a project proposed in advance. Non-fiction writers and researchers are not eligible for a residency.

Two different residency programmes are available: individual and group residencies.

Individual residencies are open to

  • individual professional artists, writers, poets, translators, composers, curators, critics and pairs of collaborators in various fields living in Finland and abroad.

The two-month periods of the individual residency are January-February, March-April, September-October and November-December. We do not grant individual residencies longer or shorter than two months.

Group residencies are open to

  • various groups of artists, such as community and environmental artists, or free dance and theatre groups (i.e., a workgroup or established organisation with a Business ID).

The group size is between 3 and 18 people.

Group residencies are 2-4 weeks long and run from June to mid-August. We grant a one-week residency period only in special cases; for example, for a translator workshop or for groups that need to assemble for a small-scale seminar.


Residency places are for artistic work. We favour fields of art and subjects that are multidisciplinary, new and emerge from outside the mainstream.

Individual residencies

For each two-month residency, diversity is emphasised: we choose Finnish and foreign and young and more experienced artists as well as artists representing different art forms. Another central criterion is that the artist’s work is innovative and current. The objective is that at least some residents represent new or marginal art forms.

Group residencies

In group residencies, we emphasise work that is innovative, current and represents new or marginal art forms. We favour subjects and themes that are cross-disciplinary, inter-disciplinary or outside the mainstream. We especially welcome applications for projects involving cooperation between Finnish and international artist groups. These groups should select a Finnish team leader – if possible – to complete the application form and act as a contact person.

Intensive working period for research projects funded by the Foundation

If you have a research project funded by the Foundation, you can visit the residency for short, intensive periods at the manor’s main building. Projects can inquire about accommodation from saari@koneensaatio.fi. There are four double rooms, two en-suite toilets, a shared space, and a kitchen available for use. You can arrive for the agreed one—or two-week intensive period after noon on Monday, and you must depart by noon on Saturday.

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