Payment of residency grants

Grants can be paid out when the work that the grant has been intended for takes place. Kone Foundation grants are paid out monthly by the third working day of the month.


Individual residency grants are paid in full each month during your residency period.


Group residency grants are paid at the beginning of the month when the residency period starts.


The grant is paid on the basis of a payment request submitted by the tenth day of the month preceding the month of the residency period. Please note: we will not accept payment requests in July, so the deadline for August payments is in June.

Submit a payment request via the online grant service. You can log in to the online service with the same credentials you used when drawing up the application. To make a payment request, log in to the online grant service and enter the payment request identification code included in your letter of approval. The payment request for the individual residency grant for both months is made at the same time.

The monthly grants for the individual residencies are paid directly to recipients’ personal bank accounts.

Requests for payment by communities and workgroups must be submitted by the project leader. The payment is made to one bank account, not to the individual accounts of workgroup members.

The information required for the payment request:

  • the name of the owner (grantee) of the bank account precisely as it is in the bank details
  • your current address
  • Finnish personal ID or date of birth
  • the bank’s name
  • bank’s address
  • account number
  • SWIFT or BIC code

Grants may also be paid to bank accounts outside Finland and the SEPA region. If the bank account is not an IBAN account, please provide

  • possible bank’s branch number/code
  • clearing code
  • routing number / ABA
  • Fed Wire code
  • or equivalent.

Especially, if your bank is located in the Americas, please provide us with a certificate about the payment details from your bank to ensure that your bank can receive transactions in Euros and whether your bank uses a corresponded bank for transactions in euros. Please notice we are not paying grants in USD dollars. If possible, ask for the account details in writing from your bank and send the document via online grant service.

To proceed to the payment request service, go to the online grant service, and enter the identification code for the payment request included in your letter of approval. Please contact residency and comminications coordinator Pirre Naukkarinen via our online grant service if you do not have the ID code.

Support for travel

If you have support for ecological or Global South travel, please fill out the information in the slot Add recipient for other costs (under section 1. Add grantee’s/grantees’ account info). Choose the role in the top as Other expenses, individual from the drop-down selection.

Please remember to send the travel plan with the estimated costs to the residency and communications coordinator before you request the ecological travel support. We will pay the actual costs according to the travel plan, but not more than you have been awarded.

Details on awarded grants and instructions on how to submit a payment request are available from the online service for grants.

Please check with your bank that you can use your bank / credit card in Finland.

Also, check the bank transfer payments. Banks collect payment for the service from the sender as well as from the recipient. Kone Foundation pays the sender’s cost

If you need to contact us, the easiest way is to contact with us on the online grant service.

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