Eco-social awareness

Eco-social awareness is among Kone Foundation’s values: to us, it means social, cultural and ecological responsibility for humans, other species and the environment.

Eco-social awareness manifests itself in many ways in our activities and their development. In 2017, Kone Foundation established the Kulla nature reserve in Kemiönsaari in order to compensate for the natural resources consumed by the operations of the foundation, and in 2021 we purchased 1,440 hectares of forest in Sanginjoki, Oulu, and immediately donated it to the Finnish state for conservation. The international Saari Residence for artists and researchers, maintained by Kone Foundation, is committed in developing its residency activities to be more sustainable on a long-term basis through experiments and continuous learning. Saari Residence’s goal is to be a forerunner in sustainable operating models within the international artist-in-residence sector. We also encourage our grantees to take ecological considerations into account in their own work, for instance by supporting slow travel.

Read more about our environmental work below.

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The Kulla nature reserve on Kimitoön (Kemiönsaari) conserves an old spruce grove