For grant recipients

Congratulations on your grant! Please read these instructions carefully.
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If you have any questions contact the Kone Foundation office.

Acceptance of the grant

If you can accept the grant, you do not need to inform Kone Foundation, but if you cannot, please contact us as soon as possible.

Grant payment

The grants can be paid out when the work that the grant has been intended for takes place. A full monthly grant is paid out only when the grantee works for it full-time, not after the work has ended. The personal monthly grants are paid directly to the project members.

Kone Foundation grants are paid out monthly by the third working day of the month. In order to receive payments, please submit a payment request using the online service for grant recipients. Please do this by the 16th of the month preceding the one in which you wish the payments to commence.

It is the responsibility of the project leader to submit payment requests and to inform the foundation on the payment schedule arrangements.

The necessary information includes, besides bank account details, Finnish social security ID (or date of birth, or business ID), and contact information.

More instructions can be found online under the heading Own grants.

Once we have accepted the payment request, you will see the payment listed under ”Accepted payments”. If there are issues in the payment request, there will be a text written in red under Payment requests. Choose Edit and make the required changes and send the request again.

The online service for grant recipients

If there are changes in the contents of the project or the members of the work group, the project leader must discuss these with the foundation.

Use of the grant, deferral of payment, grant cancellation

The funding awarded by Kone Foundation must be used for the purpose it was initially awarded for. If there are changes in the contents of the project or the members of the work group, the project leader must discuss these with the foundation.

The funding must be used according to the following:

  • one-year grants must be used within three years
  • two-year grants must be used within four years
  • three-year grants within five years
  • four-year grants within six years from awarding.

There is some room for flexibility when extending the period in which the grant is used, if the grant payments have been deferred due to parental leave, military service, for caring for a child below three years of age, or sick leave.

Deferral of payment

Let us know if you are entering military service, sick leave, or parental leave (or caring a child below three years of age full-time). In these cases the payment of the grant is usually suspended. The grant will not be suspended due to small amount of part-time work related to the purpose of the grant, but the grant recipient should always be in contact with the Kone Foundation office in such situations.

If grant recipients covered by the MYEL pension insurance becomes ill, they have the right to apply for the MELA sickness allowance. Further information:

The grant will not be suspended due to small amount of part-time work related to the purpose of the grant, but the grant recipient should always be in contact with the Kone Foundation office in these cases.

If the grant is not used according to the instructions, any grants not yet received may be cancelled and grants already received may be claimed for recovery.

Grant cancellation

If the grant is not used according to the instructions, any grants not yet received may be cancelled and grants already received may be claimed for recovery.

A grant that has not been used within the time period specified above is considered cancelled. The recipient will not be notified of the cancellation separately.

Social security

The Farmers’ Social Insurance Institution (Maatalousyrittäjien eläkelaitos, MELA) provides pension, accident and group life insurance coverage. Statutory insurance payments are approximately 12–15% of the monthly grant.

We will inform MELA of individuals or groups who have received funding for periods of four months or more, and whose grants exceed the minimum level for pension payments (€ 3 828,13 per year).

It is the responsibility of the grant recipients to contact MELA in order to arrange their pension coverage. In the case of workgroups or projects, this is the responsibility of the group or project leader. MELA notifies the tax authorities directly of the grant recipient’s pension payments.

Further information on social security for grant recipients can be obtained from MELA:


Grants are tax exempt in Finland up to the amount equivalent to the Finnish state grants for artists (in 2018, € 20 461,72 per year). Please note that all the full annual grants awarded by Kone Foundation exceed this limit.

Kone Foundation grantees do not send a tax deduction card to the Foundation. The Foundation does not make any tax deductions from the grants, even when the amount of funding already paid to the recipient within the same calendar year exceeds the maximum tax-exempt amount. Kone Foundation notifies the Finnish tax authorities in January of the grants paid out during the previous year. The recipient of a grant must declare it in the tax declaration.

Please consult the tax administration on the deductibility of expenses like pension payments, literature acquisition costs or travel expenses.

Further information of taxation matters regarding grants:

Finnish Tax Administration

Council of Finnish Foundations


Please provide a final report within six months of the last grant payment. Contact us if the project is still ongoing by the time of reporting. It is the responsibility of the project leader to report.

The report should be written and submitted using the online application service. Do not send the report by post or e-mail. A final report must be provided even if the funded project is only partially or not at all completed. Neglecting the obligation to send in a final report risks the possibilities of receiving grants in the future. We may also reclaim the grant.

By reporting, you let us know that grants have been used for the purposes they were awarded for. This is important in ensuring the fair treatment of grant applicants and recipients. Reports also give us essential information on the impact of grants.

In addition to the final report, we ask the recipients of grants for non-fiction writing to send a copy of any published books to the Kone Foundation office.

The online service for grant recipients

Progress report

The grantees who have been awarded funding for several years at a time must submit an annual interim report using the online service. The report is submitted within a year from the first payment. The project leader is responsible for reporting. More guidelines on interim reports will follow during 2017.

Mentioning Kone Foundation as the supporter

It is a good habit to thank grantmakers for their grants: Kone Foundation can be mentioned, for example, in the preface of a publication, on the reverse of the title page or in the notes of an article.

We also recommend that projects funded by Kone Foundation use our logo on print products, publications and on the project’s internet page, for example. A printable Kone Foundation emblem and further instructions on its can be found here.

Availability of the Saari Residence

Kone Foundation maintains the Saari Residence in Mietoinen in South-Western Finland. One of the Residence’s apartments and workspaces is reserved for researchers and non-fiction writers working with a Kone Foundation grant. The residence is particularly suitable for the intensive final writing phase of a study or a manuscript. Research groups funded by the Kone Foundation can also work at the Saari Residence for short periods of time.

If you are interested in a stay at the residence, do not send in an application, but contact Executive Director Leena Kela directly at least a month before the beginning of a residency period, to discuss a stay at the Residence.

The Chamber ('Kamari')

Kone Foundation grant recipient, would you like to organise a seminar or discussion event? How about a project meeting or networking event? Now you have the opportunity to do this!

You can never have too much space for research and culture, so we have decided to offer our grant recipients an area where they can work on and publicise their projects. We offer premises, measuring about 60 m2 and located on the floor below our office, free-of-charge to our grant recipients.

Reserving the premises

You can reserve the premises for a minimum of one hour and a maximum of one day on weekdays. Exceptions can be negotiated separately.

Please make a reservation using the booking calendar.

We will confirm your reservation within a week or ask for further information by email.

Basic information about the premises

The flat is located on the fifth floor of a residential building, so the neighbours must always be considered and events should not be too noisy or otherwise inconvenience the other residents.

The premises are not fully accessible. The building has a lift and also stairs. Those requiring unobstructed access should contact Kone Foundation’s office well in advance.

Visitors to the Chamber should observe all the instructions issued by the Foundation and the building’s housing company. The lessor of the space is obliged to take care of insurance declarations and any other official notifications.


  • a flat measuring approx. 60 m2 containing a room suitable for presentations with a capacity of about 30 people
  • a space that can be easily transformed, with 30 chairs, 3 beanbag chairs and 2 tables
  • ready-to-use high-quality presentation equipment
  • computer, video projector, audio system, channel changer, etc.
  • basically-equipped kitchen (mugs, glasses, cutlery and plates for 45)


We hope you will keep us informed about the progress of your work, and of any interesting results and events. We love sharing information on Facebook and our other channels of communication.

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We have a Boldness blog which deals, as the name suggests, with being bold: we discuss the meaning of boldness, grant recipients talk about their projects and we also invite others, both friends and strangers, to contribute. Please contact our Head of Communications Heljä Franssila if you would like to write.

We also regularly organise events where grant recipients can meet each other. Feel free to join us!

Reuse of research materials and open access

We recommend that data collected during research funded by Kone Foundation be archived for possible future use. More information on how to do this can be obtained from the Finnish Social Science Data Archive (FSD)

We recommend that researchers we have been funding make their research results freely available to all. Researchers can make their scholarly publications openly accessible by posting them on the internet, for example in the open access repository of the research institute, or with a world-wide service provider, such as Research results can also be published in scholarly journals which make their articles openly accessible. When it funds projects, the Foundation can also provide funding for the ‘author fees’ of open access journals. However, if this is the case, these author fees should be paid to journals which make all articles freely accessible, instead of journals that also collect subscription fees.