Thematic grant call 2021: Language, Power and Democracy

The first thematic funding call in the programme, “Is Democracy Eroding?”, will focus on projects that explore the connection between language and democracy. The awareness of the role of language in society has increased, and its significance in societal participation is now understood better than ever. At the same time, however, discriminatory language is becoming more common and continues to spread on social media.

How has the situation of language use changed, and how can we meet the needs of all members of society? How do schools take everyday multilingualism into account, and how can they improve? How has new public management been embedded in the language of administration and power? The growth of digitalisation and the use of artificial intelligence may make face-to-face interaction less common and services less accessible to some citizens. Will they lead to experiences of injustice and increasing exclusion? 

The projects funded by the thematic call must perform academic research or be based on academic research. The foundation encourages multidisciplinary co-operation between social scientists and linguists, and the partners can include artists, journalists and activists.  

Kone Foundation’s annual grant call was held 1–15 September, 2021. The thematic grant call was arranged as part of the annual grant call.