Kamari – “The Chamber”

Kone Foundation’s grant recipients are welcome to book Kamari, a 60 m2 space on Tehtaankatu in Helsinki for a seminar, discussion, workshop, or networking event.

Use of the premises is free of charge and can be used on the condition that the event is related to a project that Kone Foundation supports.


The flat is located on the fifth floor of a residential building, so the neighbours must always be considered and events should not be too noisy or otherwise inconvenient to the other residents.

The premises are not fully accessible. The building has a lift and also stairs.

Visitors to Kamari should observe all the instructions issued by the Foundation and the building’s housing company. The lessor of the space is obliged to take care of insurance declarations and any other official notifications.


  • a flat measuring approx. 60 mcontaining a room suitable for presentations with a capacity of about 30 people
  • a space that can be easily transformed, with 30 chairs, 5 beanbag chairs and 2 tables
  • ready-to-use high-quality presentation equipment
  • video projector, audio system and the internet
  • a kitchen with basic equipment (mugs, glasses, cutlery and plates for about 30 guests)


You can reserve the premises for a minimum of one hour and a maximum of one day. It’s possible to reserve Kamari max three days per week. Exceptions can be negotiated separately.