The Well

The Well is a place for meetings, sharing and discussions. It is a metaphor for gatherings but it is also events and happenings, aiming at connecting people from different backgrounds.

The Well is based on an idea of a real well: throughout the ages, people the world over have gathered around wells to collect water, and in many places they still do. There they exchange thoughts, ideas, problems and solutions. Everyone gives and everyone receives, each in their turn.

We create Wells where artists and researchers from different fields can meet, share ideas and generally leave their own distinctive impression on each other’s thinking and work. Saari Wells come together amongst the guests at the residence, Summer Wells connect people for a short period of time at the Saari Residence, and Foundation Wells concentrate on gatherings at Chamber, a premise located in Helsinki.

Throughout the years, Wells have built friendships, helped others find mentors, showed new ways of working and have opened up new points of view. Well events have dealt with art and activism, democratic decision-making, human-animal relationships, and community art, among other things.