Dear grant recipient, apply funding for ecologically friendly travel and encounters!

In connection with autumn’s grant call, we will organise a special funding call for our grant recipients to support encounters that are environmentally responsible.

Alongside the Kone Foundation general application call, a special funding call will be arranged for grantees and projects already supported by the Foundation, as well as those arriving at the Saari Residence in 2020. The aim of the call is to support encounters which are environmentally responsible.

Travel related to art and research is a notable source of carbon dioxide emissions. Kone Foundation is already compensating for the emissions resulting from such encounters by establishing Kulla Nature Reserve in Southwestern Finland. But since avoiding emissions is even more important than offsetting them, a special funding call is organized.

Kone Foundation grantees will be able to apply for funding for more sustainable, slower travel, which is often more expensive than flying. We also support virtual conferences and meetings and potential new forms of sustainable encounters. The requirement is that environmentally responsible encounter being supported takes place during the Kone Foundation grant period. No personal working grants will be awarded from this call.

All Kone Foundation grantees with ongoing funding period or those whose grant period will start in 2020 or later, can apply for funding. Please use the online application service. The application period is from 1 September 2019 until 15 September 2019, 16.00 (Finnish time, EEST). Please do attach a plan and a budget. The results will be announced in December 2019.

More information:

Director of Research Funding Kalle Korhonen,