Saari Alumni

The Saari Residence staff often find themselves wondering how the artists and researchers who have stayed at the Residence over the years are doing. Perhaps you are also thinking fondly of your time at the Residence and are wondering what things are like now and what’s going on here.

Our goal is to develop Saari Residence’s alumni activities. We are, for example, devising ways to better keep in touch with the artists and researchers that have stayed with us over the years. We are happy to share information about our alumni’s openings, book releases, radio and TV performances and anything else we happen to find out about. We welcome any news about your work, which can be submitted via email:

Saari Alumni News is a Facebook group for Saari Residence alumni to share information about their exhibitions, premieres, book releases, etc. Find the group here!

Read about Saari Alumni who have worked at the Residence

In spring 2015 we asked our alumni about their experiences working at the Saari Residence and how it has affected their work and career over the long term.