Residency programmes

During individual residencies, the Saari Residence offers residents the possibility to participate in the ecologically sustainable residency programme and the mentoring programme.


We are running an ecologically sustainable residency programme at the Saari Residence. The focus in the programme lies in developing environmentally sustainable activities on a long-term basis by testing new ideas and through learning.

Residency activities will be developed via insight, participation and positive outcomes that lead to shared knowledge. Ecologically actions will not be used as criteria when selecting artists; instead, the ecological focus will be created within the Residence and through its activities.

The Residence’s activities will offer Saari residents the opportunity to internalise ecological ways of thinking and working and to integrate them into their practices, and also to reflect on their ecological activities both during their residencies and afterwards.


We have launched a mentoring programme and are offering every Saari Residence artist – both those working at home and at the Residence – the opportunity to take part in two remote meetings with a mentor during their two-month residency. The mentoring programme does not include researchers working under Kone Foundation grants; they have longer funding periods and therefore can use Kone Foundation’s Grants+ programme, which consists of services designed to support the grantees in their work, such as peer-mentoring groups. The range of training courses will be announced in Grants+ newsletters.

Mentoring is a one-on-one conversation in which the mentor supports the resident and offers an exchange of ideas to help them with their artistic work, development of their artistic thinking and other work-related issues. The mentors are key professionals in their fields of art who live in Finland. They have careers spanning at least a couple of decades and are skilled listeners and conversationalists. They all also have a personal relationship with the Saari Residence. You will receive more information about the mentoring programme before your residency begins.

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