What do we offer?

An individual residency spanning two months includes a monthly grant based on experience, a basic accommodation (either with a kitchen, kitchenette or shared kitchen) and a workspace/study that you do not have to share with others. Work partners work in a shared workspace. The purpose of the residency grant is to cover the cost of living, travel and other expenses.

Workgroups can apply for a grant for a work period of two to four weeks.

We support ecological travel for artists coming from outside Finland to the Saari Residence, as well as for artists coming from the Global South. You can read more about travel-related forms of support at the bottom of this page.

During the individual residencies, the Residence organises a weekly programme, including joint presentations and feedback meetings focusing on the work of each resident in turn, as well as joint Tuesday lunches. During individual residencies, we also organise meetings, discussions, workshops or excursions related to the Saari Invited Artist’s work. An ecological library is available for the use of the artists in Residence. In addition, artists selected for the residency will have the opportunity to deepen their artistic work by talking to the mentors.

The Saari Residence is committed to a safer working space that is as accessible and barrier-free as possible. The staff are actively developing equality practices and policies. The Residence has a designated harassment contact person.


Individual residency spots include a monthly grant, the size of which varies according to experience. The grant is intended for living and travel expenses and other costs. Working and living at the Residence for the duration of the residency period (42 days) is a prerequisite for receiving the grant.

Individual residency grant classification:

  • Grant 1: early career – EUR 2,700 / month
  • Grant 2: mid-career – EUR 3,200 / month (min. 10 years of artistic work)
  • Grant 3: experienced artist – EUR 3,800 / month (min. 20 years of artistic work).

If you apply for grant 2 or 3, please describe your career phase on the application form. For example, the grant classification cannot be justified to cover the cost of supplies or travel.

Work partners apply in the same application but in individual sections and choose their own grant category.


The group residency grants are awarded based on the number of persons and the plan presented in the application. The group must comprise a minimum of 3 people and a maximum of 18 people. Each member of a group working at the Residence receives a working grant. The funding covers the cost of living and travel, calculated according to the number of weeks they spend at the Residence. Working and living at the Residence for the awarded residency period is a prerequisite for receiving the support.

The group must select a member to be the project leader and submit the application in the project leader’s name. The group should identify the recipients of the residency grant in the application section and a separate attachment.

We do not offer a daily allowance, salary or support for travel within Finland or travel by environmentally unsustainable means of transport from outside Finland (unless the artists arrive from the Global South) or supplies.

Working grants for workgroups:

  • 1 week          EUR 800 / person
  • 2 weeks        EUR 1,600 / person
  • 3 weeks        EUR 2,400 / person
  • 4 weeks        EUR 3,200 / person.

On the application, groups must specify their residence grant in the appropriate section on the form.


You can apply for ecological travel support, slow travel support or support for travels from Global South, if you are coming to the Saari Residence from outside of Finland.

To reduce environmental impact, we recommend that workgroups travelling from outside of Finland apply for ecological travel support and a more extended group residency period.

The application must include a breakdown of travel costs and also a more detailed travel plan with cost breakdowns in PDF format as attachments to the application. The breakdown of costs should provide a realistic and accurate estimation of costs. 

The support for travel must be applied for during the application process, it cannot be applied for afterwards.

Note: If the applicant receives a residency and a travel grant for the same trip from elsewhere, they must notify Saari Residence. We do not award overlapping grants for travel, so one of the grants awarded must be cancelled.

Support for ecological travel

Ecological travel refers to ecologically sustainable means of transport and avoidance of air travel.

You can apply for support for ecological travel if you are coming to Saari Residence from outside of Finland and travelling out of Finland when leaving. It is possible to apply for funding for overnight stays in affordable accommodations if necessary.

The application form must be accompanied by a breakdown of travel costs and a more detailed travel plan (itinerary). The breakdown attached to the application should estimate the costs as realistically and accurately as possible.

Read more about ecological travel:

Working grants during travels outside the residency period (ecological travel)

If the journey takes more than a week, it is possible to apply for a slow travel work grant for the trip. If you are applying for a slow travel working grant for your journey, explain in your work plan how you will be working while travelling.

The working grant for the journey for the individual residency place recipients is calculated as follows: 1 week is 25% of the full grant; 2 weeks is 50%; 3 weeks is 75%, etc.

Workgroups may apply according to the second grant classification: 1 week, EUR 800 / person; 2 weeks EUR 1,600 / person, etc.

We will review the ecological travel support before the residency if the residency place is awarded. 

Support for travels from Global South

It is possible for artists from the Global South to apply for support for both travel and visa costs. Global South refers to Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, the Middle East and Asia (excluding Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore).

Residents are responsible for making their own travel arrangements. If you arrive from outside Schengen states, you will need a visa to visit Finland. Please read more at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs’ webpage.

The application for the travel support must be accompanied by a flight plan and any travel related to the acquisition of the visa (if the acquisition of the visa requires travel to another country, for example) with a breakdown of costs in PDF format.

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