Appending a reference to the application

Photo: Lina Trouchez / Unsplash

Either the supervisor or another person familiar with your artistic work can submit a reference. A reference is not compulsory.

Requests for recommendations are sent to potential recommenders by email on page 9 of the application form. The email address of the referee is required to send to request. We also advise to contact a potential referee well in advance before the application deadline to provide enough time to submit the reference.

The referee then submits their reference using the emailed link, which directs the reference as an attachment to your application. The request is automatically sent in Finnish and in English and can be replied to in both languages.

In the service, the recommender can view your work plan included as attachments to the application, but no other information on your application. Please note that updating or removing the attachment on the application will also update the version viewable in the recommendation service.

Sent references are not visible to applicants in the online service.

References must be submitted by 31 March, 16:00 Finnish time. Only the references submitted during the application period are considered. If you have received a reference personally and wish to submit the reference, you may attach it to the application in PDF form as an attachment.

Note: We do not accept references via email or post.


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