Frequently asked questions

I am a researcher/non-fiction writer and I do not have funding from Kone Foundation. Can I apply for the residency grant?

No, unfortunately, there is no separate residency grant for researchers or non-fiction writers. However, researchers and non-fiction writers who have already been awarded funding from Kone Foundation can also ask for a residency at the Saari Residence. You can read more about Kone Foundation grants from HERE.


I want to work in the residence with my work partner. Is it possible, and is it individual or group residency? How do I continue with my application?

Yes, it is possible to work in the Saari Residence during the individual residency with a work partner. In the group residency, there has to be at least three people in the workgroup. If you want to work at the Saari Residence during the individual residency periods with a work partner, you must apply for the residency with the same application form.


I want to come to the individual residency with my family; is that possible?

Yes, it is possible to come to the Saari Residence with a family. You need to inform this in the application. However, the residence has a limited number of apartments suitable for families, and the residency is primarily for the awarded artists working in residence. Also, it is the parents’ responsibility to organise childcare while they work.


What are the monthly grants amounts of the Saari Residence’s individual residency?

Individual residency includes an apartment, a workspace and a monthly grant.

Individual residency grant classification:

  • €2,500 /month (beginning of career)
  • €3,000 /month (mid-career, min. 10 years of artistic work)
  • €3,600 /month (experienced, min. 20 years of artistic work).

The size of the monthly grant varies depending on experience. If you apply for grant 2 or 3, you describe your career phase on the application form. The grant classification cannot be justified e.g. with the need for supplies or travels. The grant is intended for living and travel expenses as well as other costs. Working and living at the Residence is a prerequisite for receiving the grant.

If you are granted a residency place, you must also inform the Saari Residence office of any other working grant received simultaneously. In such cases, a reduced monthly grant is paid, which is usually half of the grant sum.


How much is the grant intended for the members of a work group during a group residency?

Each member of a group working in the residence is granted a residence grant, and this is calculated according to the number of weeks they spend there. The sum is 750 euros / week based on the individual residency’s monthly grant category 2 (€3,000). Groups can also apply support for travel and slow travel.


Can I apply for a grant for anonymous or as-yet determined group members?

We recommend naming all the members of the work group. We do understand, however, that this is not always possible and therefore you can also apply for grants for unnamed members of the work group. In such cases, please write in the application ‘dancer NN’, ‘lighting designer NN’, etc.


I tried to fill out the application in advance, but I did not find the application form from the online application service. How can I make the application?

The online application service is open only during the application period. Applications cannot be submitted before or after the application period. Please wait until 1 March when the online application service opens.


How do I know that my application was successfully sent?

After submitting the application status of the application will be ‘Application received’ and (within a week after the deadline) will update to ‘Application under evaluation’.


Can I send my portfolio via email?

No, we do not accept attachments sent by mail or email. All the necessary attachments are uploaded to the online application system and attached to the application. The file format should be PDF. The maximum size of one file is 6 Mb. Remember to select the file type from the drop-down list on the online application form.

The attachment can also be a link to a specific webpage or online video service etc. Remember to select the link type from the drop-down list.


Is the reference a required document?

The reference is not a required attachment but it may have a significant meaning if there are two applicants in the same ranking.


Can I send a reference after the deadline?

References must be sent using the online service on 31 March by 4 p.m. Finnish time at the latest. After this the reference service will close and will not accept any more references. Only references sent during the application period will be considered.


My recommender sent only a paper version of the reference. What should I do?

The best way to provide a reference is through the link provided send directly from the application. If you receive a paper copy, please scan and attach it to your application as a PDF.


Can I apply more than one residency places?

Yes, you can apply for more than one residency place (individual or group residency) or later on September the Kone Foundation grant. This must be noted is each application in section Other funding.


Do I also need to mail my application?

No. Applications are sent via the online service. Only applications sent via the online service are considered.


Language of the application?

We hope that Finnish-writing applicants or a group consisting entirely of Finnish speakers write their applications and the attachments in Finnish. If a Finnish-writing applicant or a group consisting entirely of Finnish speakers is submitting an application in English, they must write the summary in Finnish. Otherwise the application should be submitted in English.


My email address has changed. How can I order a new password?

Please create a new username.


When does the application period for the Saari Residence end?

The application period ends on 31 March at 4 p.m. Finnish time.


When are the decisions on the awarded grants made?

The decisions are announced in mid-June. We will announce the actual date nearer the time. We will send an email to all the grant applicants. In addition, the grant recipients will get a letter of notification by mail. We will also publish the names of grant recipients on the website.


Why was I not awarded a grant?

Kone Foundation does not provide explanations for individual grant decisions. The foundation receives a large number of good applications each year and it is unable to provide funding for every good application.