Thematic grant calls

Besides regular funding rounds, we also organise thematic grant calls. The aim of the thematic calls is to promote a multi-disciplinary approach and draw attention to current phenomena in the fields of Finnish research, arts and culture. The thematic grant calls are connected to Kone Foundation's funding programmes.
Bold Makers Jenni Saarenketo, Tiina Vaittinen, Johanna Nurmi & Jose Cañada. Photo: Katja Tähjä / Kone Foundation

In addition to the general grant call, Kone Foundation arranges almost every year thematic grant calls, which are thematically connected to the funding programmes of the Foundation. Thematic grant calls are evaluated separately from the general grant call.

In 2021, Kone Foundation will start a new funding programme Is Democracy Eroding? The first thematic funding call in the programme will focus on projects that explore the connection between language and democracy.

Thematic grant call 2021: Language, Power and Democracy


Previous thematic grant calls:

  • 2018 Our vital neighbours
  • 2017 Neighbour dialogues
  • 2017 Ecological compensations in society and culture
  • 2016 Funding for language learning
  • 2015 Description of Uralic language
  • 2014–2015 Is Finland Becoming Polarized?
  • 2012–2016 The Kone Foundation Language Programme
  • 2011 Population Change
  • 2010 The Significance of Biodiversity
  • 2008 Evolutionary Perspectives on the Human Sciences
  • 2008 Grants for Non-fiction Publications and Translations of Non-fiction
  • 2007 Study of Finnish Language Non-fiction Literature and Non-fiction Writing
  • 2007 Grants for Non-fiction Publications and Translations of Non-fiction
  • 2006 Scientific Analysis of Finland’s Long-Term Environmental Records
  • 2006 Grants for Non-fiction Publications and Translations of Non-fiction
  • 2005 1905– The Beginning of Radical Change
  • 2002–2004 Kone Foundation Project Grants for Young Researchers’ Group Projects

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