The changing ”neighbournesses” of Finland (2016–2020)

At the background of the funding programme are the many changes that have recently taken place in the Global North. Due to the warming of the climate, the geopolitical significance of the northern regions has changed, which has caused an economic race to the Arctic. The relations between Russia and the West have become tense and polarised, and migrations and refugee situations have brought new neighbours to the Finnish society.

In the funding programme we ask how humans, groups, states and cultures can live close to each other, communicate and create a sense of community despite the different backgrounds, languages and sets of values? How have the neighbour relations of Finland and within the Finnish society changed, as well as our conceptions of them? The programme focuses on the changing neighbournesses of Finland both on the micro and the macro level, using different approaches.

During the funding programme we will organise events relevant for its themes, as well as funding calls. In addition, the programme will be taken into account in the annual funding rounds of the foundation and the Saari Residence.

The first thematic call was Close Neighbours in September 2016.

The second thematic call was Neigbour dialogues in September 2017.

The third thematic call was Our vital neighbours in September 2018.

The Foundation did not organise a thematic call in the funding programme in 2019.

The fourth thematic call is called Sustainable Development, Russia, and Finland and it is organised in September 2020.