Newly renovated Lauttasaari Manor opens its doors at a summer event

The thorough renovation of Kone Foundation’s new premises in the Lauttasaari Manor has been completed. Kone Foundation’s move into the manor signifies a new phase in the history of the manor itself, built in 1837, and of the oldest building in Lauttasaari, the Red Villa, which dates back to 1790’s. We welcome everyone to take a look inside the manor on the 8th of June at our summer event Peek Inside the Manor.

Kone Foundation wishes to make Lauttasaari Manor the new heart of art and science in Helsinki. There are working spaces for the foundation’s staff in the manor, in addition to which it will serve as a great venue for a variety of events, such as talks, exhibitions and concerts. Our aim is to turn the manor into an open space for everyone interested in science and art to interact and meet one another.

“We believe in the power of fruitful encounters and wish that the manor will serve as a platform for these fascinating, sometimes surprising interactions. Starting this fall, we welcome everyone to enjoy the interesting talks programme as well as to discuss, question and discover new ways of thinking. This year we highlight especially artists who have worked at the Saari Residence, maintained by the foundation, celebrating its decennial anniversary this year”, describes Anna Talasniemi, the Executive Director of the foundation.

The Lauttasaari Manor area is a historically layered place with cultural, historical and architectural value. The original spirit of these buildings was honoured in the refurbishment and restoration of both the manor and the Red Villa, at the same time keeping in mind their new purpose. Architect Minna Lukander from Talli Architecture and Design was in charge of the planning and execution of the renovation. Lehto Remontit Oy was in charge of the building contract, and the building services engineering was carried out by Consti Oy. The manor garden has been restored according to the original plans drawn by Bengt Schalin in the 1920s. The restoration was conducted by Landscape Architect Pia Kuusiniemi from LOCI Landscape Architects Ltd.


Café Puhuri, a science-and-art café, opened in the Red Villa

Café Puhuri, located in the Red Villa in the Lauttasaari Manor courtyard, opened its doors on the 4th of June. Café Puhuri serves a selection of sandwiches and other sweet and savoury pastries such as vegan apple donuts. Ecology is an important value in the planning of café’s food selection: we use locally produced ingredients that are in season.

What makes Café Puhuri special are the various events related to arts and science, such as talks and exhibitions. The café’s first exhibition will be artist Kalle Hamm’s and Dzamil Kamanger’s The Immigrant Garden.

The upstairs of the café is reserved for the Lauttasaari Society (Lauttasaari-Seura) and the editorial staff of the local paper Lauttasaari. There is also a refurbished residence apartment for artists and researchers in the villa. Erikoisjoukko Oy is in charge of the café’s daily programme.

The café is open Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., from the 4th of June to the 31st of August. Read more about Puhuri.


Public art in the manor park

Contemporary art will be a big part of Lauttasaari Manor’s programme. The manor garden will serve also as a platform for public art works. The first commissioned art work is Lahopuutarha (Decayed Garden) by artist duo Janne Nabb and Maria Teeri.

Lahopuutarha was selected as the work of art for Lauttasaari Manor’s park in the invitation-based competition organised last year. Lahopuutarha is a versatile and varied cluster of interventions and works of art, which creates, according to the artists, an anarchistic addition to the formal garden surrounding the manor. Janne Nabb and Maria Teeri have said that they hope Lahopuutarha will sharpen people’s senses and make them rethink their actions by creating unexpected encounters and multi-specific communities in the park environment.

Lahopuutarha will be on view at the summer event held on the 8th of June.


Take a peek inside the manor

Established in 1956, Kone Foundation is an independent and unaffiliated organisation that improves the world by creating opportunities for bold initiatives in science and art. The foundation supports scientific research, culture and art as well as the popularisation of science with grants. It also maintains the Saari Residence, an artist and researcher residence in Mynämäki. In 2017, the foundation financed science and art projects with 33.2 million euros.

The Peek Inside the Manor summer event at Lauttasaari Manor (Otavantie 10) on Friday the 8th of June from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. The programme includes e.g. Lau Nau, Kalle Salonen, performances by Neighbourhizome (Naapurihmasto) art group and a mask workshop for children. See the day’s programme and further information here.