Café Puhuri

Café Puhuri has a special focus on arts and research. It is located in the Red Villa in the Lauttasaari Manor courtyard. The café offers a cosy atmosphere in the carefully refurbished building, which is the oldest in Lauttasaari, dating back to 1791. Kone Foundation brings a range of scientific and artistic content to the café, such as exhibitions and research and cultural magazines and podcasts that can be accessed in the reading room. The café is open from Monday to Friday between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. Lunch is served from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Café Puhuri serves a selection of sandwiches and other sweet and savoury pastries. Ecology is an important value in the planning of the café’s food selection: all products are vegan. The café also offers an extensive collection of Finnish and international scientific and art journals, and its bookshelves are filled with books published by Kone Foundation’s grant recipients.

Erikoisjoukko Oy is in charge of the café’s daily operations.


The upstairs of the Red Villa is reserved for the Lauttasaari Society (Lauttasaari-Seura) and the editorial staff of the local paper Lauttasaari. There is also a refurbished residence apartment for artists and researchers in the villa.

The extensive renovation of the Red Villa was carried out at the same time as that of the Lauttasaari Manor. The architectural and interior design of the Red Villa were created by Talli Architecture and Design, which is best known for its Café Birgitta project in Hernesaari, Helsinki.

Tommi Musturi’s exhibition ‘Human-shaped’ is on view at Puhuri until December 2019

Tommi Musturi’s exhibition ‘Human-shaped’ is on view at Café Puhuri during the fall 2019. The exhibition contains various excerpts from Musturi’s recent works. It includes paintings, graphic art, comic strips and works in the form of books. ‘In this exhibition, I want to present various aspects of my work and working methods. I employ a lot of different styles and methods of narration in my production – in other words, I allow my visual expression to arise from the content of the work. The assortment of works in Puhuri demonstrates a cross-section of this,’ Musturi says.

The exhibition is on display until the end of year 2019.