We have tailored a set of services to support the work of our grant recipients. Use of the Grants+ services is entirely voluntary: you can choose whether or not to take advantage of the support we offer. Grants+ services will be available to you as soon as your grant has been awarded. Grants+ services can be utilised by any Kone Foundation grantee with an active project.
Photo: Joel Haapamäki

Training and peer mentoring

We arrange training, based on various themes, and other peer-learning opportunities for our grantees. The aim of training and mentoring is to provide tools and support for the development of one’s own work, and opportunities for networking.

In the spring, we organise peer mentoring groups which create a low threshold for grantees to provide each other with mutual support, as equal discussion participants.

We announce our range of training courses in our Grants+ newsletters.


The foundation offers two free-of-charge facilities in Helsinki for use by grantees. The Chamber in Punavuori is a creative space for project gatherings, discussions or small seminars. The Red Villa communal space in Lauttasaari can be reserved for organising small-scale programmes, which are open to the public, in particular.

The chamber (‘Kamari’)

You can reserve the premises for a minimum of one hour and a maximum of one day on weekdays. Exceptions can be negotiated separately.

Please make a reservation using the booking calendar.

We will confirm your reservation within a week or ask for further information by email.

The flat is located on the fifth floor of a residential building, so the neighbours must always be considered and events should not be too noisy or otherwise inconvenience the other residents.

The premises are not fully accessible. The building has a lift and also stairs. Those requiring unobstructed access should contact Kone Foundation’s office well in advance.

Visitors to the Chamber should observe all the instructions issued by the Foundation and the building’s housing company. The lessor of the space is obliged to take care of insurance declarations and any other official notifications.


  • a flat measuring approx. 60 m2 containing a room suitable for presentations with a capacity of about 30 people
  • a space that can be easily transformed, with 30 chairs, 3 beanbag chairs and 2 tables
  • ready-to-use high-quality presentation equipment
  • computer, video projector, audio system, channel changer, etc.
  • basically-equipped kitchen (mugs, glasses, cutlery and plates for 45)

Moffice working days in Lauttasaari Manor

The foundation invites grant holders to work independently, but together, in a communal workspace, the Moffice (manor + office). As a rule, Moffice days are organised in Lauttasaari Manor on the first Friday of the month.

The room on the lower floor of the manor functions as a shared working space, in which each person does their own work. In terms of structure, the room can be open-plan or multi-facility and is best suited to quiet work. Work is done quietly for 45 minutes at a time, followed by a shared 15-minute break. Work sessions always start on the hour. During the break, you can come and go as you please. Wifi, some desk spaces, and a few beanbags are available.

If you wish, why not have lunch in Café Puhuri every now and again? The Manor will provide tea and coffee during the morning breaks.

You can book Moffice days via the calendar link on the frontpage of our website.

Bold Makers events

Bold Makers events provide grant holders with an opportunity to arrange events that are open to the public, such as discussions and seminars, on the premises of the Lauttasaari Manor. This also makes academic research and artistic activities accessible to various audiences outside the academic and artistic communities. The organisers have the main responsibility for these events, but the foundation provides support in the form of guidance on event production and communications.

Read the instructions on event production and communications for the organisers of Bold Makers events here.

Researchers' residencies at the Saari Residence

Academic researchers and non-fiction authors funded by Kone Foundation can apply to work at the Saari Residence in Mynämäki, Southwest Finland, which is intended for artists and researchers. One apartment and workspace is reserved for a researcher during the winter, and participants in research projects supported by the Foundation can gather in the main building of the manor for short, intensive periods. The typical duration of residency work is two months. Academic research includes here artistic research at institutions such as the University of the Arts Helsinki or Aalto University. Unfortunately, artists whose work contains some research elements but is not performed in an academic context do not fall within the scope of residencies intended for researchers. They may apply for residencies through our annual application round.

We will inform about the application round for the researchers’ residencies in our Grants+ newsletter. For more information, please contact Leena Kela, Executive Director of the Saari Residence.

Project advice

Do you have any questions relating to the progress of your research project, resource use, reporting, or communications? The Executive Director and the Director of Research Funding of the Foundation organise receptions at which people can meet them face to face at the Lauttasaari Manor, or chat with them by phone. Reception times are announced in the event calendar on the foundation’s website, and in the social media.


During the year, we arrange a varied programme of talks. Our grantees are very welcome to participate actively, share their thoughts and engage in discussions with experts in various fields. Follow the events on the Foundation’s website calendar, in our newsletter and on the social media.


Following our newsletter is the easiest way to keep abreast of our services, events and other news for our grantees. As a grantee, you will receive an Grants+ newsletter every month and the ‘At the Well’ newsletter six times a year.

Subsribe to the Grants+ newsletter (for our grantees only)

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Communications on the project

The Grants+ programme includes providing visibility for the work of our grantees. We support the development of grantees’ communication skills by providing training under the leadership of the best professionals in the industry, as well as explaining the work of grant holders in the Foundation’s own series of articles.

The Foundation does not require that projects be communicated, but this often benefits the project and project participants in a number of ways, and is therefore worth the effort.

When you begin planning your project communications, you should start by drawing up a communication plan in which you consider the following issues:

  • Goal: What do you want your communications to achieve?
  • Target groups: Who needs to hear about your project?
  • Message: What is important about your project? Is there any news you would like to share?
  • Channels: What channels do you want to use and which one are you already using? Do you need a website, or will communications be handled on the social media? If you are preparing a newsletter, you should also e-mail or call a journalist specialising in the subject. Make sure that you are reachable after sending a press release or any other kind of communication.
  • Schedule: At what point will you announce that your project has started, and what about the results? Communicate on the intermediate steps as well as the final result!
  • Visual element: How does your project look? What kinds of project photos or illustrations of your project would you include in your own communications, or make available to the media? Could the results be visualised using infographics?
  • Responsibilities: It is important to agree on the division of labour between members of the group. Together, think about how you will share responsibility for communications and remember to allocate resources for time spent on communications in your work plans. Creating communications takes time.
  • If possible, try to publicise your project within your organisation, e.g. through university channels. Remember to use your personal social media, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Please also keep the Foundation’s communications up to date with your news. When sharing information on your project on social media, use the hashtags #rohkeatekijä #boldmaker to show that you are one of the bold grantees of the Kone Foundation.

Boldness blog

You can use the Boldness blog for grant recipients to describe your project on our website.

Please arrange the publication schedule for your article at no later than four weeks before submitting your finished text. After receiving an email of confirmation from us, you can provide us with your article, about 5,000 characters in length. It must include a headline, a caption that provides the context for the text, sub-headings (if any) and at least one horizontal photograph to which you have right of use. Please also include a short introduction about yourself.