Tommi Musturi’s exhibition ‘Human-shaped’ opened at Café Puhuri

Tommi Musturi’s exhibition ‘Human-shaped’ is on display at Café Puhuri until the end of year 2019. The exhibition demonstrates a cross-section of Musturi’s work and working methods.

Tommi Musturi’s exhibition in Café Puhuri contains various excerpts from his recent works. It includes paintings, graphic art, comic strips and works in the form of books.

“In this exhibition, I want to present various aspects of my work and working methods. I employ a lot of different styles and methods of narration in my production – in other words, I allow my visual expression to arise from the content of the work. The assortment of works in Puhuri demonstrates a cross-section of this,” Musturi says.

“Between 2019 and 2021, I will be working on my forthcoming graphic novel, Future, with the support of Kone Foundation. To be first published as ten comic books in English, this colourful book of about 300 pages will explore the potential futures of mankind. It is set somewhere within the framework of bizarre science fiction and includes a network of small, fragmented stories and an equally diverse number of drawing styles. Future is also a kind of an experiment in comic strip narration. The results of this experiment will become apparent over the coming years.”

Tommi Musturi (born 1975) is a cartoonist and artist who grew up in Juupajoki and now lives in Siuro. He has published some forty works that have been translated into many languages all over the world. Musturi’s works are often wordless and seemingly uneventful. He taps into symbolism and examines the issues of existence – individuality, loneliness, nature and freedom. Musturi has been involved in about 250 exhibitions and has acted as an editor, curator and publisher. In 2011, the Finnish Comics Society awarded Musturi the Puupäähattu prize, which is given annually to an established Finnish comics artist. Musturi’s wordless graphic novel Suurin Piirtein Samuel won the Gold Award in the 2017 Vuoden Huiput – Best Finnish Creative Design competition. His latest work, The Anthology of Mind, was published in the United States in August 2019. Musturi worked at Kone Foundation’s Saari Residence in the spring of 2009.

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