The 2022 grant call is open – apply by 15 September, 4 p.m. (EEST)

Illustration: Marika Maijala

Kone Foundation’s annual grant application round will be held from 1–15 September, 2022. Our goal in awarding grants is to create the conditions for free and multi-voiced art and research.

You can apply for a Kone Foundation grant for:

  • academic research in the humanities, social sciences and environmental sciences, as well as artistic research
  • professional artistic work in all fields of art
  • multidisciplinary work combining art and research.

To receive funding, projects must have a connection to Finland.

Please read the information for grant applicants on our website carefully before applying.

Applications must be submitted by 15 September, 4:00 PM EEST (Finnish time) on our Online grant service.

Good luck with your application!

Tips for grant applicants

Questions during the application process? Here’s how to contact us.

  • During the application period (1–15 September) the fastest way to contact us is via the Chat feature on the online grant service. We will be answering your questions Monday–Friday between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m.
  • You can also send your questions via the Messages feature on the online grant service. We will be answering your questions during office hours.
  • You can reach us via email at
  • You can also call us (+358 9 260 0617) Monday–Thursday between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Watch grant info on YouTube

In August, we hosted an online info session about the 2022 grant call in English. You can watch a recording of the event on our YouTube channel.

In the event, Kone Foundation’s CEO Ulla Tuomarla presented the Foundation’s strategy, which focuses on fostering academic and artistic freedom. Director of Funding Kalle Korhonen spoke about Kone Foundation’s focuses and criteria in awarding grants. Grant Coordinator Maija Karasvaara talked about the evaluation process.

After the presentations, we had time for audience questions.

Watch the recording on YouTube

Follow us on social media

During the application period, we will share tips for grant applicants on our social media channels, also in English! You can follow us on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook.

2022 Thematic grant call: The current state and challenges of Finnish democracy

In addition to the general grant call, Kone Foundation also organises thematic grant calls. The aim of the thematic calls is to promote a multi-disciplinary approach and draw attention to current phenomena in the fields of Finnish research, arts and culture.

The thematic grant call for 2022 will focus on projects that explore the connection between the current state, traditions and practices of Finnish democracy and its blind spots and challenges. The thematic grant call will also be held during the annual application round, 1–15 September, 2022.

With democracy, we mean not only political institutions, but political culture and the forms of social activity and participation more broadly. These can include the methods of interaction and discussion, the equality of citizens, cooperation and activism, attitudes towards other cultures and nationalities, the control of those in power, and critical and pluralistic media.

The projects funded in the thematic call must do academic research or be based on academic research. The foundation encourages multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary co-operation, and partners in projects can include artists, journalists, and activists.

“The current state and challenges of Finnish democracy” is the second thematic grant call in Kone Foundation’s funding programme, “Is Democracy Eroding?”

If your project is not connected to the theme, you can apply for funding in the general grant call.

Read more about the thematic grant call, “Language, Power and Democracy”

Further information

Information for grant applicants on the Kone Foundation website

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