Guideline 1: Application form and the online grant service

This section includes guidelines for using the Online Application Service. Please read these instructions carefully before filling out and submitting your application. Once you are logged in, detailed information about the different sections of the application form can be found behind the ‘?’ symbol. The application form can be accessed only when the call is open.
Illustration: Marika Maijala

Apply for funding by submitting your application and attachments using the Online Grant Service. The service is open during the annual application period in September. Applications cannot be submitted after the deadline.

Once you have registered, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address you have provided. The email address also serves as your username. If you do not receive the confirmation email within a few minutes, please check your junk mail/spam folder.

Only applications submitted during the application period will be considered.

  • Log in using your account information, or if you are a new applicant, register as a new user.
  • Create a new application.
  • Fill in the required information.
  • Submit the application to Kone Foundation before the deadline.
  • Applications cannot be sent via email or post.

Please note: after the deadline, applications cannot be edited in any way.

After submitting the application, the status of the application will be marked as ‘Application received’. No separate email will be sent upon receipt of the application. Within a week of the deadline, the status of the application will update to ‘Application under evaluation’.

Language of the application

We recommend that Finnish-speaking applicants or a group consisting entirely of Finnish speakers submit their applications and attachments in Finnish. If a Finnish-writing applicant or a group consisting entirely of Finnish speakers submits an application in English, they are requested to write the title and summary in Finnish.

All elements of an application can be in Swedish.

The application form

Grant calls 

Choose the grant call you are taking part in.

Application type

Choose whether you are filling out the application as an individual applicant, working group or organisation with a Finnish business ID.

Individual applicants must fill in the application under their own name.

If the applicant is a working group, the members of the group must elect a leader to submit the application in his/her/their own name. You may also give your working group a name.

If the applicant is an organisation with a with a Finnish business ID, a leader must be selected for the project.

Read more about the role of the project leader.

The Lauttasaari Manor Residency program is open to working groups and organisations to apply. It cannot be applied for as an individual.


Tabs of the application form

1. Applicant

Fill in the basic information.

  • Research applicants using the ORCID-identification code can add this to their applicant data.
  • If you’re applying as an organisation with a Finnish business ID, please note that the registration numbers recorded in the Register of Associations are no longer in use. Business IDs have been used since September 2019.
  • The details for working group members who are not applying for a personal monthly grant must also be listed on this page. The names of the members of the working group will be published on Kone Foundation’s website.

2. Type of project

The applicant must choose a category for the project:

  • Research
  • Art
  • Research and art
  • Another type of cultural work

Please note that the proportion of other kinds of cultural work is marginal in the Foundation’s funding decisions.

You may also list on the form keywords or fields related to the project and its themes.

3. Description

Fill in the working title.

In the summary (max. 2,000 characters), please provide a short description of the main content of your study or project and the intended methods for implementing the work. You must also provide a more detailed work or research plan as an attachment.

Applicants’ summaries are important in the evaluation of the applications – the summary is usually the first section the evaluator reads from the application. The Foundation may use applicants’ titles and summaries in the Foundation’s communications (for example, on its website), and these sections will be published if the grant is awarded.

The applicant must provide a brief description of the duration of the project and its timetable on the application form.

4. Funding

On the application form, select the primary purpose for the funding:

  • Academic research and/or artistic work
  • Doctoral thesis
  • Popularisation of research
  • Organising an event, exhibition or other production

For the last two alternatives, please state the intended target audience.

The applicant must select whether the grant request is for a multiyear project or a project lasting a year at most. The Foundation is willing to support an unbroken span of work. If you are planning a multiyear project such as a doctoral thesis, we recommend applying for funding for the same project at once.

Fill in the information for the monthly grantee(s). Individuals doing scholarly or artistic work are awarded personal working grants instead of salaries. Grants awarded by private foundations such as Kone Foundation are exempt from taxes below the limit of the Finnish state grant for artists.

Kone Foundation funding is specified as personal monthly grants and other expenses on the application form.

The amount of the personal monthly grant varies, depending on the stage of your career.

Grant classifications for the year 2021 onwards are:

  • Grant 1: early career applicants and those working on their doctoral thesis €2,500/month (€30,000/year)
  • Grant 2: mid-career applicants (min. 10 years of artistic work) and those working at the post-doctoral level €3,000/month (€36,000/year)
  • Grant 3: late-career applicants (min. 20 years of artistic work) and experienced researchers (e.g., adjunct professor level, ‘dosentti’ in the Finnish academic system) €3,600/month (€43,200/year).

If you are applying for monthly grant 2 or 3, please describe your career phase.

Personal monthly grants are usually awarded for full-time work for a minimum of one month. Smaller grants are available (25%, 50% or 75% of full grant) for part-time work.

The names of personal monthly grant recipients are published on the Kone Foundation website.

Compensation for work lasting less than a month, such as a performance fee, can be applied for under ‘other expenses’ but not as a monthly grant. When applying for funding to cover fees and salaries, the applicant can include taxes and additional costs in the total amount of the other expenses being applied for, if necessary. 

If funding is requested for other expenses (e.g., travel, salaries, materials), the reasons must be stated on the application form. In such a case, a budget must be included as an attached PDF. Flights within Finland, which should be avoided for sustainability reasons, can be funded only when they are well justified.

Applicants who apply for research funding must explain how they plan to arrange their research facilities, meaning the space where the research is performed and any equipment needed. On the form, indicate whether you have made an agreement with an institution or whether you will personally arrange for research facilities (e.g., by working at home).

5. Other funding

Please list all grants received during the preceding three years and any applications pending at the time of applying for Kone Foundation funding. Applicants are requested to inform Kone Foundation immediately if other funding is received from any other source during Kone Foundation’s application processing for the same purpose. For projects, applicants must indicate on the application if they have sought funding for the same project from other sources. If an applicant is granted funding without having informed the Foundation of funding from other sources, Kone Foundation may repeal its decision.

Kone Foundation grants are usually not awarded to applicants who have already secured financing for the project in question (grant or salary) for the entire upcoming year.

Research grant applicants must also indicate on their applications all salaried doctoral programs for which they have been awarded a grant or for which applications are pending. They must also inform of any paid work related to the project or any other overlapping funding for this application.

We also wish to know if the applicant has applied for funding from Kone Foundation before and if this project includes work or planning done during a Saari Manor residency period. This does not affect the evaluation of your application.

6. Evaluators

Please check the separate guidelines for Selecting the evaluator of the application.

7. Attachments and links

See the section Attachments.

8. References

See the section Appending a reference to the application.

9. Proximity

According to the Foundations Act (a Finnish Law), all foundations are required to provide information on their transactions with related parties. The Act has a broad definition of a related party of a foundation. Please note that related parties may apply for funding from Kone Foundation. Foundations are required to disclose if they award funding to persons within the ‘narrow’ definition of a related party. The executives of the Foundation cannot participate in the processing of applications from related parties in the broad sense. For these reasons, all grant applicants will be asked about their relationship to key Foundation personnel.

The question is based on the new Foundations Act, in place from 1 December 2015 onwards.

10. Feedback

We ask our applicants for feedback. Your feedback does not affect the evaluation of your application.

11. Submission

The application (also the attachments) must be submitted by 15 September, 16:00 (Finnish time). Please note that after the deadline, applications cannot be edited in any way.

Reference sources may submit reference letters via the online service until 22 September, if the reference request has been sent during the application period. If the applicant wishes to add the reference letter themselves, they must submit it as an attachment by the application deadline.

If, after submitting your application, you wish to edit it before the deadline, please choose ‘cancel application’. This does not clear your application data. After editing the application, you need to submit the application again.

After submitting, the status of the application will read ‘Application received’, and within a week of the deadline it will update to ‘Application under evaluation’. No separate email will be sent upon receipt of the application.

Only applications submitted via the online service will be considered.

All applicants must agree to the description of the processing of personal data and other conditions mentioned in our Privacy Policy.

Research applicants may also give permission to share information on awarded grants to the National Research Information Hub. National Research Information Hub gathers and shares data about research conducted in Finland.


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