Frequently asked questions

When are the decisions on the awarded grants made?
The decisions about the annual grant call are announced in December. We will send an email about the decisions to all grant applicants. In addition, the grant recipients will receive a letter of notification by mail. We will also publish the names of grant recipients on our website and in our annual report.

Can I apply for a grant with two different applications?
An applicant can apply for more than one grant. However, this must be mentioned on each application (application section ‘Other funding’). Please also mention if you are applying for a grant for the same purpose from elsewhere.

In what language can I submit my application?
Please use a language that the whole group and eventual recommenders can understand. The language choice has no effect on the success of the application. The application and its attachments can be in Finnish, Swedish, or English; more than one of these languages can be used, if necessary. In certificates, other languages can be used than the ones mentioned above. Kone Foundation encourages its applicants to use different languages (and not just English) when you tell other people about your work.

What is the difference between a personal monthly grant and other expenses? Can I apply for both?
A personal monthly grant is for individuals doing scholarly or artistic work. Such grants are paid directly to the grantees. The size of the personal monthly grant varies, depending on experience. Other expenses can include travel or materials, for example. Please note: compensation for work lasting less than a month, such as a performance fee, must be applied for under other expenses, not as a monthly grant. When applying for a grant to cover fees and salary expenses, the applicant must remember to take taxes and side costs into consideration.

Please remember to apply for a personal monthly grant and other expenses with the same application. It is also possible to apply only for a personal monthly grant or other expenses. It is important to make a realistic budget estimate for the other costs.

What are the amounts of the Kone Foundation personal monthly grants?
The amount of the personal monthly grant varies depending on the stage of your career. If the applicant applies for the larger monthly grant, such as grant 2 or 3, a description of the applicant’s career stage must be included in the application.

Grant classification from the year 2021 onwards are:

  • Grant 1: early career applicants and those working on their doctoral thesis €2,500/month (€30,000/year)
  • Grant 2: mid-career applicants (min. 10 years of artistic work) and those working at the post-doctoral level €3,000/month (€36,000/year)
  • Grant 3: late career applicants (min. 20 years of artistic work) and experienced researchers (e.g., adjunct professor level, “dosentti” in the Finnish academic system) €3,600/month (€43,200/year).

Personal monthly grants are usually awarded for full-time work for a minimum of one month.

Smaller grants are available (25%, 50% or 75% of full grant) for part-time work.

What if I have been funded by Kone Foundation for the same project?
If you have received funding for the same purpose from Kone Foundation, your work/research plan should provide a brief account of what has been accomplished during the previous Kone Foundation funding period and the project’s current status. The system of continuation applications has been discontinued. Please apply for funding for the entire duration of the project in a single application.

Can I apply for a grant for my practical training or master’s degree studies?
Kone Foundation only awards grants for researchers who have already completed their master’s degree. Grants are not awarded for studies or practical training.

Can I apply for a grant for anonymous or as-yet determined group members?
We understand that it is not always possible to know all the names of those who will work in the group. In that case, you may omit proper names and use code names; for example, Doctoral Student xx, Light Designer yy, etc.

Can I apply for a grant for a work group member who is working abroad?
Yes. Grants can be awarded for people working outside Finland. Payments can also be made to foreign bank accounts. However, the project members or the theme should have a connection with Finland.

Can I apply for a grant for my doctoral thesis if I am not enrolled at university?
Yes you can. You do not have to be in a doctoral programme to apply. Please remember to submit a copy of your master’s degree certificate and a reference to your application. The certificate can be submitted until 15 November. If you do not graduate by that date, you cannot apply for a doctoral grant. You can read more about attachments here.

I will only receive my permission to defend my thesis after the end of the application period. Can I apply for a grant despite this?
You can apply for a grant if you send your degree certificate or permission to defend your thesis using the online application service by 15 November. If you are finishing your thesis outside of Finland, please provide us with evidence of an imminent graduation. If no evidence is available by 15 November, you cannot apply for a post doctoral grant for yourself in this year’s call.

Can I apply for a grant for my doctoral thesis (grant level 1) and post doc research (grant level 2) on the same application?
If you are an individual applicant, you may apply for a grant either for your doctoral thesis (grant level 1) or post doc research (grant level 2). NB! If you are applying for a post doc research grant, the permission for the public defence of academic dissertation must be submitted on the online grant service by 15 November.

If you are part of a research group, you (or the project leader) can apply for a grant for your doctoral thesis (grant level 1) and post doc research (grant level 2) on the same application. Please note, that we start to pay grant level 2 (post doc) after you have defended your academic dissertation or completed your degree in a doctoral school outside of Finland.

Can Kone Foundation pay salaries for researchers through their universities?
For individuals doing scholarly or artistic work, Kone Foundation only awards grants, not funding for salaries. These are paid directly to the grantees.

Research assistants can be hired to do salaried work in grant projects paid through the university. If the leader of the project is working in salaried position, but will be responsible for the grant project, the extra work can be compensated as a salary instead of a working grant.

Can I be a project leader and a project member in the same application and receive a monthly grant?
For individuals doing scholarly or artistic work, Kone Foundation awards grants. In research projects, however, salary funding is applied for research assistants, and it can be awarded to project leaders.

Can I apply for funding to cover an overhead required by the university?
Yes. The budget attachment must include the overhead being applied for. Use the field ‘Other expenses’ on the online application form. Please note that Kone Foundation typically does not award more than 15% overhead, and overheads are only paid toward other expenses, not grants.

What is a portfolio? Can it be a link to my website?
A portfolio showcases the artist’s ability in the relevant field. A portfolio should thus demonstrate the applicant’s level of artistic expression, quality of artistic thinking and any other notable proficiency that the applicant finds relevant to mention. You can also compile your portfolio on your own website and include the link in your application.

My research proposal is longer than 4 pages, what should I do?
The maximum length of the research proposal or work plan for individual applicants is 4 pages, including the eventual bibliography. For group projects, the maximum length is 8 pages.

My supervisor just sent me a paper version of the reference letter. What should I do?
The best way to provide a reference is through the link sent directly from the online application form. If you receive a paper copy, please scan and attach it to your application as a PDF.

My email address has changed. How can I order a new password?
Please create a new username.

Why was I not awarded a grant?
Unfortunately, we do not provide reasons for individual grant decisions. The Foundation receives a large number of excellent applications each year. In recent years, Kone Foundation has received over 6,000 applications for any given year, and is thus unable to provide funding for the majority of them.


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