Forms of support

Photo: Aleksi Poutanen

The goal of Kone Foundation is to advance bold initiatives in research and the arts.


Grants for research and the arts

Grants can be awarded for academic research, the arts, and for projects which combine scholarly and artistic approaches.

Grants can be sought for:

  • academic research and/or artistic work
  • promoting academic or artistic work (for example, a project which contributes to developing a field)
  • work which is based on academic or artistic work (such as making research or art available for different audiences)
  • other cultural initiatives

In research, grants can be awarded for humanities, social sciences, environmental research, and artistic research. Projects can be multi- or interdisciplinary and they can combine artistic and scholarly approaches.

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Thematic grant calls and programmes

Besides regular funding rounds, we also organize thematic grant calls, the purpose of which is to draw attention to current themes in academic and cultural life.

Current thematic grant calls and programmes

Neighbour Dialogues (1.–15.9.2017)

Ecological Compensations in Society and Culture (1.–15.9.2017)

The changing ”neighbournesses” of Finland (2016–)

Previous funding rounds

  • 2016 Funding for language learning
  • 2015 Description of Uralic language
  • 2014–2015 Is Finland Becoming Polarized?
  • 2012–2016 The Kone Foundation Language Programme
  • 2011 Population Change
  • 2010 The Significance of Biodiversity
  • 2008 Evolutionary Perspectives on the Human Sciences
  • 2008 Grants for Non-fiction Publications and Translations of Non-fiction
  • 2007 Study of Finnish Language Non-fiction Literature and Non-fiction Writing
  • 2007 Grants for Non-fiction Publications and Translations of Non-fiction
  • 2006 Scientific Analysis of Finland’s Long-Term Environmental Records
  • 2006 Grants for Non-fiction Publications and Translations of Non-fiction
  • 2005–1905: The Beginning of Radical Change
  • 2002–2004 Kone Foundation Project Grants for Young Researchers’ Group Projects

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The Chamber (Kamari)

We offer our grant recipients an area where they can work on and publicise their projects. We offer premises, measuring about 60 m2 and located on the floor below our office, free-of-charge to our grant recipients.

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Saari Residence grants

The Saari Residence is a tranquil facility and a fruitful meeting point for artists and researchers in Mynämäki, Finland. The Saari Residence offers Finnish and non-Finnish artists, critics, curators and translators the chance to work intensively for a period of two months in a relaxed countryside setting from September to April. Artistic groups may also apply for use of the residence’s facilities for limited periods of time from May to August. Each resident is provided with an apartment and workroom.

Researchers and nonfiction writers working under a Kone Foundation grant are also eligible for residency. Such applicants need not undergo the normal application process for residency and should instead contact the Saari Residence Executive Director Hanna Nurminen by email to discuss the possibility of staying at the residence

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