For what purposes does the Kone Foundation grant funding?

Kone Foundation supports bold initiatives in research and the arts. We define boldness as the ability to view things from a different perspective, challenge things and cross boundaries. Our idea of boldness includes experimentation, incompleteness and non-predetermination. We believe that this kind of boldness increases people’s understanding of the world. Free art and research are valuable in themselves and constantly challenge prevailing perceptions.
VTT:n apurahapalkitut tutkijat Kari Koivuranta, Heli Nygren ja Irina Tsitko. Kuva: Aleksi Poutanen.

You can apply for a grant from the Kone Foundation for the following purposes:

  • academic research in the fields of humanities, the arts, social sciences or environmental research,
  • artistic work in all fields of art,
  • multidisciplinary work in the above-mentioned fields of art and research,
  • the promotion of research and/or artistic work in the above-mentioned fields (such as a project that advances the field in question),
  • work derived from academic research and/or artistic activities in the above-mentioned fields (such as popularising art and research for various segments of the general public) and
  • other cultural work.

Kone Foundation’s focuses in awarding grants

We grant funding especially for research and artistic work. We mainly award grants to Finns for work carried out in Finland or abroad and to foreigners for work carried out in Finland. Foreigners working abroad can apply for a grant if the workers involved or the subject have a connection to Finland.

Priority will be given to areas and subjects that are multidisciplinary and new and also seek to view things from new perspectives and question prevailing ideas. We also encourage applicants to engage in diversified projects that combine art and research, as well as collaboration between journalists and researchers. We see art and research as valuable in themselves, not as tools for promoting the economy, for example. The decisions made between 2016 and 2020 also take into account the priorities of The Changing “Neighbournesses” of Finland programme.

The majority of the Foundation’s grants are awarded for research work or work that combines art and research. See statistics on grants awarded in 2019.

We favour internationality, such as Finns working abroad and foreign applicants working in Finland.

Kone Foundation also seeks to promote academic writing in Finnish and the accessibility of research results. This is why we also fund non-fiction in Finnish and other activities that bring research to a wider audience.

In addition to the monthly grants for research and artistic work, we also grant support for other costs necessary for the implementation of a project. When applying for travel expenses, applicants are encouraged to travel in an environmentally responsible way and to avoid flights whenever possible.

Research funding

The research supported by the Foundation may be in the humanities, the arts or social or environmental science, or may be multidisciplinary research relating to the above-mentioned fields. Artistic and investigative work interact with each other in artistic research, which is usually carried out in institutes of higher education for art. Artistic research is generally connected to the author’s own artistic or art pedagogy work.

In general, grants are not awarded for psychological, theological, law or economic research without an interdisciplinary dimension. In our funding decisions for research, we emphasise both postdoc research by people who have recently defended their doctoral theses and work by researchers who are more advanced in their careers.

Art funding and other cultural work

The Foundation supports the artistic work of professionals in all fields of art. The Foundation may support cultural or art projects, such as museum work, which do not involve artistic work, but focus mainly on supporting artistic work.


Who can apply for a grant?

An individual, a working group or a legal entity with a business ID can apply for a grant from Kone Foundation. If the applicant is a working group or a legal entity, the group members must choose an accountable project leader from among themselves who is responsible for sending the application.

In general, Kone Foundation’s grants are intended for Finns for work carried out in Finland or abroad and for foreigners for work carried out in Finland. Foreigners working abroad can apply for a grant if the workers involved or the subject have a connection to Finland.

The following application processes apply application criteria that differs from the above:


How long a period can I apply a grant for?

The grants you can apply for during the annual call for applications in September are intended to be used from the beginning of the following year at the earliest. Grants are not awarded retrospectively.

A grant may be awarded for a maximum of four years at a time. We encourage long-term work in both research and the arts. You can also apply for a springboard grant for the preparation or piloting of a project.

The springboard grant is intended for project preparation or small-scale experimentation for a maximum period of six months. Obtaining a springboard grant does not guarantee that you will receive a grant from Kone Foundation in the future.

A grant from Kone Foundation must be used for the purpose for which it was awarded.

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