Criteria for applying

Most of Kone Foundation funding is awarded as personal grants for academic research, artistic work or work that combines research and art.
Viliina Silvonen and Emmi Kuittinen from the Kyynelkanavat project. Image: Mitro Härkönen

Kone Foundation grants can be applied for:

  • academic research in the humanities, social sciences, environmental sciences and artistic research
  • artistic work in all fields of art
  • multidisciplinary work in the above-mentioned fields of art and research
  • promotion of academic and/or artistic work in the above-mentioned fields (e.g. a project developing the field)
  • work based on academic research and/or artistic work in the above-mentioned fields (e.g. research popularization, artistic outreach, events and publications)
  • other cultural work; but this is rarely funded

An individual, a working group or a legal entity with a business ID can apply for a grant from Kone Foundation. If the applicant is a working group or legal entity, the group members must choose an accountable project leader from among themselves to be responsible for submitting the application.

The projects awarded have to have a connection to Finland. In general, Kone Foundation’s grants are intended:

  • for Finns for work carried out in Finland or abroad
  • for foreigners for work carried out in Finland
  • for foreigners for work in projects which include participants based in Finland.

The following application processes apply criteria that differs from above:

A grant from Kone Foundation must be used for the purpose for which it was awarded.

How long can the funding period be?

A grant may be awarded for a maximum of four years at a time. You must start using the grant during the year after the decision, at the earliest in January. We encourage long-term work in both research and the arts.

Grants are not awarded retroactively.

The minimum duration of a personal grant for research or artistic work is one month.

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