Guideline 5: Checklist for applicants

Before applying for a grant, please read through this checklist to plan your application according to our guidelines.
Illustration: Marika Maijala

1. Make sure you are eligible to apply for Kone Foundation funding.

Please read through Kone Foundation’s focuses in awarding grants and Criteria for applying. Does your project match with them?

Also, are you a professional of academic or artistic field? Kone Foundation does not fund amateur activities.

2. How long will your project take? Are you applying for a grant for several years or just a few months?

Personal monthly grants are usually awarded for full-time work for a minimum of one month. Grants may be funded for a maximum of four years at a time. We may support long-term initiatives both in academic research and the arts. Grants awarded following the September funding call can be used, at earliest, at the start of the following year. Grants are not awarded retroactively.

The applicant must select whether the grant being applied for is for a multi-year project or for a project lasting less than a year.

3. A personal monthly grant or salaried work?

  • Individuals performing academic research or artistic work are awarded personal working grants.
  • If the work is not artistic or academic, individuals must apply for a grant to pay wage costs and to cover fees and salaries.

4. Amounts of monthly grants?

The amount of the personal monthly grant varies according to the stage of your career. If the applicant applies for the larger monthly grant, a description of the applicant’s current career stage must be included in the application.

Grant classifications from the year 2021 onwards:

  • Grant 1: early career applicants and those working on their doctoral thesis €2,500/month (€30,000/year)
  • Grant 2: mid-career applicants (min. 10 years of artistic work) and those working at the post-doctoral level €3,000/month (€36,000/year)
  • Grant 3: late-career applicants (min. 20 years of artistic work) and experienced researchers (e.g., adjunct professor level, ‘dosentti’ in the Finnish academic system) €3,600/month (€43,200/year).

Personal monthly grants are usually awarded for full-time work for a minimum of one month.

Smaller grants are available (25%, 50% or 75% of full grant) for part-time work.

5. Other expenses? Will you apply for funding for expenses such as travel, materials, wages or services?

If your application includes a funding request for other expenses, please attach a budget for such. We also request an overall budget for larger projects that include funding from other sources. If you are applying for a personal monthly grant, a budget is not required.

6. Attach a separate work or research plan to your application.

A research or work plan must be attached to all applications as a PDF, in addition to the summary requested on the application form. For more guidelines on how to write a plan, see Attachments.

7. Will you be applying for funding for the same project from other sources?

Applicants must immediately inform Kone Foundation if other funding is received from any other source during Kone Foundation’s application processing or if your situation changes significantly after the application has been submitted. Research grant applicants must also indicate on their applications all salaried doctoral programs for which they have received grants or for which applications are pending. They must also inform the Foundation of any paid work related to the project to be funded.

8. Compulsory attachments?

Before submitting your application, please check the Attachments section to see which attachments are required for your application.

9. Will I need references?

References are only compulsory for doctoral studies grant applications. They are useful in post-doctoral applications and can be submitted for other types of applications as well. Either the supervisor or another person familiar with the applicants’ work or the proposed project can submit a reference.


Important dates

  • General grant call is open 1.-15.9. Send your application with the attachments via the online service by 15 September, 4:00 P.M. EEST (Finnish time).
  • Reference sources may submit reference letters via the online service until 22 September, if the reference request has been sent during the application period.
  • Degree diplomas and permits for the public defence of academic dissertations can be sent by 15 November using the online application service.
  • Funding decisions are announced in early December.


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