Guideline 4: Appending a reference letter (recommendation) to your application

References play an important role in grant applications for both doctoral studies (mandatory) and post-doctoral applications. They can be submitted for other types of applications as well.
Illustration: Marika Maijala

Either a supervisor or other person familiar with the applicant’s work or the proposed project may submit a reference. If two applicants receive references from the same individual, the order of the applicants made by the same reference source may influence the evaluations.

Requests for written recommendations are sent to potential references by email on page 8 of the application form. The email address of the reference source is thus required in order to issue a request. We also advise that applicants contact a potential reference source well before the application deadline to provide enough time to compose and submit the letter of reference.

The reference source then submits their reference letter using the link emailed to them via the Kone Foundation online grant service, which directs the reference as an attachment to your application. The request is automatically sent in Finnish and in English and can be replied to in both languages. NB! If the reference source has not received the reference request sent, we recommend checking the spam folder first.

In the service, the reference author can view your project or research plan that has been included as attachments to the application but cannot view any other parts of your application. Please note that updating or removing the attachment on the application will update the version viewable in the reference service.

Submitted references are not visible to applicants in the online service.

If you have received a reference letter personally and wish to submit it yourself, you may attach it to the application as a PDF.

Reference sources may submit reference letters via the online service until 22 September, if the reference request has been sent during the application period. If the applicant wishes to add the reference letter themselves, they must submit it as an attachment by the application deadline, 15 September, 16:00 (Finnish time).


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