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Media and video art

Toni Meštrović and Nadija Mustapić

audiovisual artists

Nadija Mustapic & Toni Mestrovico

An artists duo Nadija Mustapić and Toni Meštrović (Croatian audiovisual artists based in Rijeka) collaborate on large-scale multimedia projects that have been installed at museums and galleries. Their collaborative work captures social issues and expands categories of documentarism into spatial and poetic immersive sensory experiences. Mustapić and Meštrović engage in research-based site-specific projects that generate audio-and-video-mediated events which aim to challenge the audiences’ perception of a place, context or dilemma in question.

They combine different approaches and processes which vary in their individual art practices.

NADIJA MUSTAPIĆ makes video installations that explore multidimensional relations between the representation of a space, its subjectivity and its political contingency. Often using (urban) landscape and herself as central character, she creates narratives about how a specific space or an image is transformed and inhabited.

TONI MEŠTROVIĆ is a video artist working predominantly with video and sound installations. His work often addresses themes of cultural heritage, identity, and the changes that occur along the Adriatic coast during the Croatian period of transition. Bodies of his work are based on life lived on a small island of Veli Drvenik, where he descends from.

At the Saari Residence we are working on a continuation of a ‘shipyard’ project, which has previously been shown as a multi-channel audio/video installation titled “Moment of Silence”. Now we are creating an experimental film that focuses on the topic of shipyard industry in Croatia – specifically two mayor shipyards “3. May” in Rijeka and “Brodosplit” in Split, which since negotiations of Croatia’s entering the EU have been facing uncertain future and massive discharges.