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Kuva: Ulla Leppävuori

Inter- and multidisciplinarity in the arts and sciences – what do they mean in practice and how can they be realised? In the Kaikki kohdat (All Points) projects, six people from different fields who met in the Saari Residence in November and December 2014 observe what can happen at the point where different forms of art intersect and possibly join. We have identified rhythm as one shared key theme. During the group’s residency, we will consider the manifold manifestations of rhythm, conceptions related to rhythm, and the relationship of rhythm to space and location. The definitions of rhythm within different art forms can be dusted off with the wind or paced with breathing; we can burrow into the rhythm of the substrata or walk in the landscape observing the sections formed by the elements and the earth’s crust.

Our six-person collective includes composer Jarkko Hartikainen, poet Irina Javne, performance artist Jenni Kokkomäki, visual artist Ulla Leppävuori, performance artist Satu Palokangas and historian Sinikka Selin.

We will present our findings to the public at the end of our two-week residency. You are warmly welcome!