Tanya Escudero


In her research, researcher Tanya Escudero examines how the authorities can communicate better with those who belong to a linguistic minority in times of crisis

Photo: Jussi Virkkumaa

At the Saari Residence, I will work on two ongoing projects concerning communication with migrants and linguistic minorities: “Improving communication with migrants for crisis preparedness: lessons learned from COVID-19”, which aims at developing effective communication strategies that can provide a quick response in future emergency situations, and “Translation, migration, and democracy: Managing multilingual access to information in the greater Helsinki area and in Tallinn”, funded by Kone Foundation.

I value the benefits of interacting in a new environment with people from different backgrounds, sharing experiences and knowledge. Since I work in the field of translation and intercultural communication, it is particularly important for me to understand how people from different cultures communicate and relate to each other through language.

I hold and MA in Translation for International Communication and a PhD in Translation, and I currently work as a research fellow at Tallinn University. The focus of my research is on exploring how translation policies and practices can foster the inclusion of linguistic minorities.