Residency artists and researchers

Multidisciplinary art

Sophie Deligiannaki

Visual Artist & Curator

During my residency in Saari, I will continue my work as the curator of Helsinki Open Waves (HOW), which is a multilingual platform ( I will carry on the structure of a new curated section at HOW which studies languages as the conveyers of collective memory and heritage. At the same time, I will focus on my art project which conceives a fictive interaction between two poets during the interwar. The project will examine the universe of the poets through their poems, various texts, audio, and visual artworks.

Further than that, I intend to explore the nature around Saari, read, write, record autumn’s sounds and capture the seasonal reflections for my current project. I wish my daily interaction with the natural environment will influence me on a professional as well as on a personal level. I would like to discover the local life and hopefully, this will be an enlightening experience for me.


SOPHIE DELIGIANNAKI (b.1989, Athens) is a Finland-based multidisciplinary artist. In her works, Sophie often combines poetry with nature and strives to build a poetic bridge between women’s poetry and nature awareness. She is very much involved with bookbinding art techniques, painting, collage, poetry & moving images. Currently, she works as curator of Helsinki Open Waves (HOW).