Residency artists and researchers

Media and video art

Soohyun Choi


Photo: Jussi Virkkumaa

I am planning to create a new video work reflecting my stay at Saari while thinking about the relationship between art and non-art, artistic labour, and structure of the art world. I often use auto-biographical elements in my work exploring these themes by adopting the language of film. Slow travelling to Saari could also influence and be part of the work.

Writing, filming, and reading will be how I will spend the most of my time in Saari, gathering materials for a new video work. I may not be able to finish the video during my stay, but I would like to share a work-in-progress towards the end of my stay in Saari with another film that I am currently working on.

I usually write, film and record sound to gather materials for my video. Sometimes I write a script and film with a specific plan or use found footage. All the elements I use influence each other and with the editing, they start to make sense together.


Soohyun Choi focuses on the moments of awkwardness, failures, and confusion that trigger to question the customary concept of normality and ethics. Her writing, which is often a foundational material of her time-based works, investigates female subjectivity and entertains the postmodern concept of ‘I’, while blurring the boundaries between memoir, fiction, and essay.