Sonya Lindfors

choreographer, performer, curator, artistic director

Sonya Lindfors is a Helsinki based choreographer, performer, curator and artistic director. Lindfors is also the founder and artistic director of UrbanApa art platform. Both in her work as choreographer and artistic director Lindfors deals with questions of power, blackness, authenticity/fakeness, inclusion/exclusion.

“ In the Saari Residence I will be working with the up and coming piece NOBLE SAVAGE that premieres next spring in Zodiak – center for new dance.

NOBLE SAVAGE deals with the questions of colonialized bodies, racialized identity and narratives, exclusion, inequality, shame, race and representation. How is otherness represented and exotified and who gets to tell whose story are at the core questions of the piece.

In the Saari Residence I will be doing research about and around the subject. That includes a lot of reading and writing  as well as doing movement research.”