Simo Kellokumpu and artistic research group


The artistic group is working towards my dissertation for the University of the Arts Helsinki, tentatively titled Choreography, Representation and Context: “Where is my stage?”

Simo Kellokumpu and his working group will work on his dissertation Contextual Choreography at the Saari Residence while also focusing on the artistic projects included in the process. The dissertation focuses on the multitude of reciprocal relationships between context and choreography. The question of how the selected cultural context serves as a choreographic apparatus is at the core of the creation of art as part of the dissertation. The research project is based on multifarious observations of the relationships between the body, movement and the environment (of the performance).

The multidisciplinary artistic research group consists of Sari Palosaari, Mikko Hyvönen and Vincent Roumagnac. The goals of their work at the Saari Residence include examining the significance of the concepts “through-site” and “site-conditioned” in and for artistic work. How do these concepts differ from those of “in-situ”, “on-site” and “site-specific”? The group uses these concepts as an approach to the more extensive question of what happens and how in the process of naming and defining a context, and how artistic work creates its context.