Rosa Clay workgroup

Our multidisciplinary working group explores the emotional, historical, social and symbolical order of the world of Rosa Clay, a 19th century African-born Finn, and how it compares to modern times. Our focus is on film, and we use our collective artistic methods to inject into Rosa’s personal history a decolonising perspective that breaks the conventional film narrative by not portraying a brown main character as ‘other’ or ‘victim’.

We believe that the physical togetherness and artistic brainstorming that our two-week residency makes possible will allow us to find a shared emotional connection to Rosa’s life story and the world in which she lived. We will focus on the form and structure of the film and hope to write the synopsis before the end of our residency.

The Rosa Clay working group consists of Amira Khalifa, Hanna Maylett, Kaisla Löyttyjärvi and Leila Lyytikäinen.