Rob La Frenais

curator of contemporary art, writer

Kuva: Jussi Virkkumaa

At the Saari Residence for artists, the independent curator of contemporary art and writer Rob La Frenais is working simultaneously on two themes: the Moon and Water. ”I have created a ‘Moon Room’ in the Barn where I am collecting material about art and the Moon, from time to time I am inviting the other fellows to come and watch films about the Moon (I have the first film night last night) and add their own comments and ideas for research. I am working on an extended essay ‘Mirroring The Moon’ that will be the basis for a book that has been commisioned by Intellect Books. I am also working on a young adult fiction novel ‘Wild Way To The Moon’,” he says.

His second project involves exploring the archipelago surrounding the Saari Residence. ”In the harbour, I am using the Saari vessel the “Lovisa” to explore this part of the Archipelago. I have already taken some of the fellows on an expedition to a small island in the middle of the sea. I am hoping to research a new project that will be realised in Finland about artists floating vehicles. I am hoping to do some active research on a new floating vehicle in the harbour, weather permitting,” he tells.

During his time there, he hopes to combine thinking and pondering in his own workspace with exploration of the Saari Residence’s environment. In his work, he utilises action research, dialogue with the other artists at the residence and surveys. In Saari, Rob starts his day by going to the Moon Room. Weather permitting, he will go to the shore of the island, the bird observation tower and other interesting places. In the evenings, he continues his research in the Moon Room.