Rauli Dahlberg

Circus artist

Born 1985 in Turku Finland. Since leaving home, destined to make the world a better place through circus arts. Graduated from Centre National des arts du Cirque (France) in 2007. A founding member of Finnish circus company -RaceHorseCompany in 2008.  Have travelled around the world with the company’s ground breaking performance rusty road circus (2009) petit Mal (2010), SuperSunday (2014), Motosikai (2015). Rauli have moved recently towards directing and his first full length circus performance direction Nahka-Naama had premier in august 2017. Right now he is directing RHC’s new circus show UrboTek.

“My purpose is to continue my solo circus piece O’DD in the Saari Residence. The project started in 2012 and has been going on ever since into this day in small steps. 20 minutes work-in progress was shown in 2013 Subcase festival Sweden but was run into a ”dead end”. Now thoughts and methods have matured and it is time to take new angle in making of circus performance.

In the Saari Residence, I mainly write a full-length script for the solo show. From this script, I will make storyboard together with a graphic designer. Whole goal is to try a new way to create a circus piece. Idea into text, text into pictures, text and pictures into marketing and construction. After all funding, co-productions, plans, places are set the actual circus practice will start with the real equipment in the real environment. The final result is an autonomous circus spectacle.


O’DD is a contemporary circus solo for the future.

The performance oscillates in a transformation of visions, sounds, lights, surfaces and science fiction. It’s futuristic dream like approach leads us to the transient world of being human. Our physical and mental capabilities and vulnerabilities are questioned and tested in grand scale. What are we made of and we are we heading for?

In addition to a contemporary circus performance, O’DD is an architectural creation, a futuristic vision of the traditional circus tent, a white pavilion. The imaginative space made possible by architecture. The pavilion creates illusions and tricks of the light making it one of a kind performance stage.”