Pia Siirala


Kuva: Andrei Shapran

Kuva: Andrei Shapran

I examine the impact that the music of the indigenous peoples of Russia has on the way music is heard and perceived. Through playing the violin and composing, I endeavour to explore what archaic, memory-based music can bring to my own musicianship. During my residency, I plan to begin composing for the concerts included in my degree.

Archaic music hints that music does not necessarily have any certain direction or even a beginning or an end. Music may stop playing but it still continues. I make experiments in order to study music that is always “there”, flowing through our subconscious.

Pia Siirala has studied violin at the Sibelius Academy and the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory, and she is the concertmaster of the Ensemble XXI chamber orchestra. She has made collection trips to Sakhalin, Kamchatka and Chukotka in the Russian Far East where the archaic music traditions of indigenous peoples are still alive, and composed music based on these traditions.  In autumn 2016, she enrolled in doctoral studies in the University of the Arts Helsinki, in the Folk Music Department of the Sibelius Academy.