Residency artists and researchers

Painting, drawing, printmaking

Paavo Paunu, Tomas Regan and Viggo Wallensköld

visual artists


Preparing the 100th anniversary exhibition of Taidesalonki

The group consists of three visual artists: Paavo Paunu, Tomas Regan and Viggo Wallensköld. We prepared works for the 100th anniversary exhibition of Taidesalonki, which will be held in autumn 2015.

We painted spatial works in which the painting is founded on three factors. The themes of the exhibition include the relationship between the viewer, the painting and the space. We are interested in how experiences of an image are formed in a space. We also use various types of structures, examining how a gallery space can be changed and reconstructed and how different ways of creating images come together.

We are particularly interested in illusions and their creation in a space, as well as the layered structure of spaces. We seek to create narratives in which interpretations of works are constructed as a story where the exhibition continuously responds to individual works.
Our purpose is to operate at an interface where painting, drawing and sculpting become comparable to the mediums of photography and videography. In such circumstances, the space gradually consists of various ways and processes of creating images. Our purpose is to convert the exhibition into a situation, an entity between traditional and new media, creating an area of visual narration where the interplay of images, sounds and colours play is particularly meaningful.

The group worked at the Saari Residence in June 2015.