Nordic Authors for the Future of Literature


A seminar promoting networking among Nordic authors and examining the future of prose

Nordic Authors for the Future of Literature is a group of authors interested in the future of prose. It consists of 11 Nordic authors and Susan Bindermann, who is a literary agent from Germany, an expert in Nordic literature and an influential literary figure.

The authors of the group represent the young generation of prosaists in their home countries. Each has written between two and five works, achieved international success and won literary awards. The group includes authors from all of the Nordic countries. They are united by an interest in themes related to society and writing about being outsiders.

The topic of this year’s seminar was “Can literature save the world?” Other issues that currently interest the authors include considering whether literature has a real effect on people. In addition, we are interested in discussing the changing world of literature and publishing and the role of authors. The idea is also to establish contacts with translators, editors and literary agents in various countries and maintain a Nordic network of authors.

The group worked at the Saari Residence in summer 2015.