Residency artists and researchers

Painting, drawing, printmaking


Visual artist

“The landscape’s subject is very special. It doesn’t have politics, bad history or any intentions at all – just pure sustainability. Nature’s sustainability is unique because it doesn’t require any external maintenance – it is self-sustainable. All is needed – just not to disturb this process too much. But even if it is influenced somehow artificially, nature is a strong player in this struggle. I like to express how nature “absorbs” human’s constructed structures and non-sustainable trash, how it all becomes the part of the landscape. Nature which I paint is like an empty theater scene, but at the same time, there is a sense of movement and development which occurred in the past and is coming in the future.

During my stay in the Saari Residence, I will make a research of the local Nordic landscape. I will travel and investigate the natural surroundings and document the valuable insights by photography, sketches, drawings and finally summarise and crystallise it all by expressing on various scale canvas paintings which will come to the totally new series of “Finland landscape”.

Mykolé studied at Vilnius Academy of Art and the National School of Fine Arts in Paris (ENSBA), where obtained the Bachelor and Master degrees. One of the winners of “Young Painter Prize 2013”. Her solo exhibitions were held in Paris, Copenhagen, Vilnius (lived in those cities). Also numerous of group exhibitions, symposiums and plein-airs in different countries. In 2016 represented Lithuania at UNESCO art camp, Andorra.