Marta Fernández Caparrós


My name is Marta Caparrós and I’m a Spanish writer based on Madrid. My first book, published in 2015, is a collection of short stories that explores human relationships in times of economic hardship.

I’m currently working in the plot of my second book, a novel provisionally called Night and Day (Día y Noche). At the Saari Residence I hope I could end the designing of the plot as well as starting the writing of the first pages. Hopefully the project would be finished by the end of 2016.

Night and Day is the story of two sisters and their entrance in the adulthood in their first thirties. The action takes place in Madrid (as well as in other Spanish cities as Valencia and Málaga) during a summer in which the two main characters would have to take important decisions about their life, as well as they would discover some secrets about their family that they have ignored.

The novel is a personal exploration about how familiar heritage is determinant in our character and how our adult relationships are influenced by the first ties that we build when we are children. Night and Day would also like to be a fiction that examines without pity the consequences of death and depression in our lives. Formally, the novel would be an experimental approach to the genre of the novel, counting on a hybrid and polyphonic technique, including classical narration, oneiric passages, personal diaries and lyrics of music bands.