Marjukka Erälinna

circus artist


At the Residence, I will be working on material for my AYFL? (Are You Feeling Lucky?) piece that will see daylight sometime in 2018. The heart of AYFL? lies in the randomness of life; on how matters sometimes go in the right direction at exactly the right time, while at other times everything feels difficult and we are constantly running into obstacles that test the very limits of our patience. My instrument is the hoop trapeze, with which I study chaos and harmony.

I aim to enjoy working and encourage myself to also go in directions where I feel insecure and lost. My goal is to set as few expectations on the results of my work as possible. At present, I am thinking of some type of fairly stripped-down physical poem performed on the hoop trapeze. However, over the course of my residency I may equally well find myself in a rehearsal room transformed into a merry garden party to which I invited people to celebrate the transience of life with me.

During my residency, I will explore the human manifestations of chaos and harmony in the spirit of experimental circus art. In all likelihood, there will be much confusion and, possibly, a few moments of revelation.