Residency artists and researchers

Painting, drawing, printmaking

Marianne Holm Hansen

Visual artist

Marianne Holm Hansen is a visual artist who works across media and method
including writing/ text-based work, drawing, photography, collaboration and
conversation. She explores how experience and knowledge is formed,
communicated, embodied and/ or understood through organising structures,
established methodologies, behaviours, habits and, in particular, language.

She is currently considering how we give form to that which exists outside
language. She has employed the notion of the void ­ as hole, gap, pause ­ as
metaphor for communicating in situations where language falters or entirely

She sees the Saari Residence as a unique opportunity to approach her
residency as a possibility for being in, and experiencing fully, the Void
itself. “I’ll attempt to place myself in a position that is entirely open,
including open to the potential that the impact of the residency may
radically shift the direction of the project as well as my practice