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Multidisciplinary art

Mareike Dobewall

Scenographer, director, composer, and musician

© Jussi Virkkumaa

Mareike Dobewall is a scenographer, director, composer, and musician. She has a PhD from Stockholm University of the Arts in the program Mediated and Performative Practices. She works as multidisciplinary artist, artistic researcher, and educator. Mareike traverses boundaries and disciplines to create experiences that captivate the senses and challenge conventional notions of space and sound.

During her residency, Mareike’s primary goal is to deepen her practice of attentive full-body listening. Engaging in embodied practices, she seeks to communicate with natural occurrences on a profound level, channeling these interactions into her artistic process. With Nature Scores she will expand her research into eco-conscious music creation. Placing a strong emphasis on listening with all senses, she will relate with nature patterns, and embrace experimentation, curiosity, and affectivity. Mareike aspires to innovate her musical conceptions and notation techniques based on her collaboration with nature. Natural phenomena will pose enigmas and offer propositions.

Mareike’s artistic journey has been shaped by diverse influences. After an initial focus on filmmaking and directing, she honed her skills in scenography at the Norwegian Theatre Academy. An Erasmus exchange at HZT Berlin expanded her artistic palette further, delving into choreography and the interplay between body and space.

Mareike Dobewall sees spaces as dynamic collaborators. With attention to detail, she crafts sonic landscapes that resonate with the very essence of the spaces themselves, inviting audiences into a realm of shared experience. Central to Mareike’s work is her exploration of social spaces and their role in creating connections. She views spaces as transformative catalysts, fostering interactions and shared meanings. Her PhD research, Voicelanding – Exploring the scenographic potential of acoustic sound in site-sensitive performance, completed in 2021, showcases her commitment to caring for spaces and illuminating them through sonic interaction.

Exposition of Mareike Dobewall´s PhD research project Voicelanding: