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Vanhalla Postitiella is a Performance Project on the old post road, through South West Finland on the way to Turku

Lintutorni is a group of nine Finnish and international artists, who met at the Saari Residence in November-December 2013. The group is formed of artists of various ages and working across a diverse range of media. The memebers of the group are: Matthew Cowan, Friederike Felbeck, Johanna Juhola, Paul Landon, Heli Meklin, Jaakko Niemelä, Minna Pöllänen and Mirimari Väyrynen.

After meeting in Saari, the group has continued to collaborate.

During the group residency, Lintutorni will work on ‘On the Old Postal Road’-project, which will be part of the Olohuone-festival in Turku. The projects of Lintutorni are created through interaction and dialogue between the members of the group and they combine different disciplines of art, such as dance, music, theatre, visual arts as well as artistic research.

The ‘On the Old Postal Road’-project consists of travelling the old mail road from Saari Residence to Turku. The journey, made by foot, will take 3 days with over night stays on the road. Before the walk the group collects letters, which are then delivered enroute via music, dance, performance, visual art and spoken word. The journey will end at the market place in Turku, where a ritual of delivering the letters will take place.

Through this slow journey made by walking the group will interact with fellow passengers, local inhabitants and the environment. The journey, rather than its destination will hence become the core of the project.

Lintutorni worked at the Saari Residence in the summer of 2015.