Les Barricades Mystérieuses

circus artists

In life repetition is essential. Every gesture, situation and word is repeated thousands of times without ever being identical to the one before. In the performance characters metamorphose, their physical aspects change et their body deteriorates continually. Moving towards death or a transformation?

There is something in this re-commencement that speaks to us. The idea of always re-producing the same but never being the same. Having a total liberty of action and to still be condemned to eternally re-doing the same thing.

And then there is the exception. the moment that does not follow the rule. That is the moment of the jump, of mutation. Sometimes it comes after a long period of hesitations and failures but often it is instantaneous, brutal and irreversible.

We have a strong curiosity towards folklore, customs, traditions and beliefs of heathen and pre-Christian people. The folklore and traditions have exited our imagination and have entered into the creative process. We draw on something that is intuitive and that constructs us profoundly. Ancient beliefs participate in this because they often present archetypes, events and characters that can be found all over the world with variations and aspects typical to every location. Apart from this our interests are multiple (the atmosphere and aesthetics of the cinema of Tarkovsky).

Concerning the form and genre of this piece we take the liberty of using the forms of artistic expression that we consider most adapted to our needs.