Karolina Kucia

performance artist/researcher

Karolina Kucia. Photo: Jussi Virkkumaa

In Saari, I will be writing the commentary for the doctoral thesis: Monstrous Agencies – Parasitic and Monstrous Organizational Scores for Cooperation in Arts Under the Condition of Precarization of Labour. In short, I work on this theme through three concepts: Monster, Parasite and Slip. My research proceeds through developing parasitic disruptive and organisational tools, monstrous analytical devices, organisational settings, and strategies of withdrawal.

During the two months of staying in Saari, I will be working on two texts: Parasitic Score Book – A pocket-size manual including scores for actions and a wider text “Monstrous Agencies” which combines academic writing, fiction, auto-theory, traces of interventions and recipes.

I will also work with two moving pictures I am in the middle of. I’ll be going through the material and preparing for the editing period of the short film WE BITE US, a hybrid of live-action and animation combining two different gazes: one of the lenses of a cinematographer, and the second of an autonomous mobile robot with an embedded camera.

I will be doing similar work with material for the video work about the transformation of spatial work arrangement in Uniarts Helsinki, a collaboration with Outi Condit.

Karolina Kucia (she/her) is a visual artist with a background in sculpture and intermedia as well as in performance studies. At the moment, she is also a doctoral candidate in artistic research at the Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki. She combines theoretical and practical work with moving images, objects, group processes and performances. Her main interests are lapse, error, and stutter as well as parasitism and monstrosity in the context of precarization of labour in post-neoliberal capitalism and the current form of art institutions.