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Performing arts, performance art

Jorge Tadeo Baldeón Rodriguez (Koki)

Interdisciplinary artist

Photo: Jussi Virkkumaa

I am an interdisciplinary artist and independent cultural manager, living and working between Peru and Germany.

During my stay at the Saari Residence, I will work with my creative partner, Maricarmen Gutierrez, to implement an expanded theoretical and practical research space using different artistic languages.

Our project, called “COLLAGE SUDAKA – BODILY NARRATIVES IN TRANS-FORMATION. Imaginaries in tension from the exotic to the anticolonial”, will occupy our studio space at the residency in a hybrid and install-active way.

The interdisciplinary explorations, actions, as well as materialities proposed in this studio space -which we have named Temporal Sensitive Research Laboratory (TSRL)- will critically re look at the perception of “otherness” in cultural visual products created in the Global North, based on colonial views of historically extracted bodies in the Global South.

We will propose different strategies to address the theme from an anticolonial collaborative discourse, intertwining various theoretical, audiovisual, and performative devices and spaces for encounters with different communities.


Jorge Tadeo Baldeón Rodriguez (Koki) (Lima, Peru 1967)

Trained as a visual artist at the School of Fine Arts of Peru, and at the Institut für Kunst im Kontext at the UdK, Berlin, Germany.

He uses diverse artistic media and languages to link global and local social and cultural processes in a critical and reflexive way. He creates interdisciplinary experiences and designs expanded spaces for encounters and exchanges.

He develops artistic, cultural management and pedagogy projects linked to collectives, such as the Yuyachkani Cultural Group (1971, Peru) and the Cultural Association Elgalpon.espacio (2007, Peru), among others.