Jenna Broas & Fabian Nyberg

Dance artist & video artist

Broas & Nyberg is an artist duo founded in Helsinki in 2018 by dance artist Jenna Broas and spacial and video artist Fabian Nyberg. We work with concepts and constructs associated with humanity and the future of humans. Our collaboration is based on the desire and need to create visual and topical art on the interface of dance and installation art, and to broaden choreographic thinking to include 3D animation and the video arts.

The relationship between the organic and inorganic, the dialogue between technology and what is human, and the exploration of the multidimensional movement have a strong presence in our work.

At the Saari Residence, we will deepen our shared practice and explore algorithms as a tool for dramaturgy. We will also work on our next stage piece Designing the End, which will premiere in autumn 2021 at Zodiak in Helsinki.

Our shared practice focuses on exploring how to combine material created using technical tools and intricate movement. In addition, we examine the relationship between choreography in digital material and choreography built on stage. Our explorative work at Saari Residence will become concrete, for example, through interactive experiments that utilise small components, sensors and programming, while exploring how the body can be involved in shaping and creating digital material.

Our upcoming work Designing the End will deal with the end of modern civilisation and the modern person’s obsession with their imagined death. If we imagine and accept the end of the world as a slow process that is already under way and reject all conceptions of a catastrophe that occurs rapidly, what will our adjustment to change look like? Can you plan the end of the world?

We appreciate the opportunity to immerse ourselves in explorative work close to nature and the opportunity to engage in dialogue with the other artists at the residence. Nature is an enticing counterpart to our virtual approach and, as an environment for creation, gives an instant point of contact to our artistic work.



Jenna Broas is a dance artist living and working in Helsinki. As a dancer and choreographer, she has been involved in several different works and ensembles both in Finland and abroad. As an artist, she is interested in the materialities of the body, video and space, as well as the bodily feelings they create. Broas has a master’s degree in dance from Uniarts Helsinki’s Theatre Academy and a bachelor’s degree from London Contemporary Dance School at The Place.

Fabian Nyberg is a spacial and video artist living and working in Helsinki. He works in the field of dramatic arts as a stage, lighting and video designer of contemporary dance, theatre and opera performances. In addition, he works as an independent installation artist. In his own work, Nyberg is fascinated by the borderland of the organic and non-organic, as well as the integration of virtual worlds with the physical space and the experience of space. He has worked internationally with the Danish Hotel Pro Forma. Nyberg has graduated as a master of arts from Aalto University’s master’s programme for the performing arts.